Male vs. Female Cats: How are they different?

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Difference between Male Cats and Female Cats

Cats are some of the most interesting house pets that people can have for a variety of reasons. Main reasons include their tendency to purr, fondness of play and ability to hunt. This makes for some interesting times with your cat or kitten. Both male and female cats have different personalities, traits and ways of doing things. They do share common ground such as territorial ownership and issues related to producing offspring. Let’s explore a little more into the worlds of these cute, cuddly and crazy pets that we love so much. 

Spay and Neuter

A female cat has the option of having babies as long as she doesn't get fixed. What we mean by fixing your cat is taking him/her to get spayed (female) or neutered (male). When you spay or neuter your cat you are taking away their ability to reproduce. This is what many pet owners do if they don’t want kittens or can’t afford to have kittens. It’s very important that you spray and neuter you’re cat when they’re about a year old,  especially if you’re going to have an outdoor cat. If you have a cat that’s not fixed, he or she can be a lot more aggressive and noisy. If you have them fixed before they’re a year old, their internal organs may not develop properly. 


Although many people would think or assume that a female cat likes to cuddle more, the truth is males are more demonstrative. For some reason, males love to cuddle their owners and be affectionate. This may have its roots in the male propensity towards establishing domination in the household and understanding their ranking with other pets and humans. Of course, females are affectionate too but need to develop trusting relationships with their human companions prior opening themselves up fully through public displays of affection. They would rather be on their own and exploring; only coming to their owner when they want some quality loving strokes. Less concerned with ranking in the household, your female feline is probably genuinely concerned with the physical and emotional well being of those she feels close to.


Although males and females are two different genders, there are no big differences when purchasing your pet. You should first read about the breed of cat you are making a part of your family, purchase some soft food, crunchies, water, a few toys, a cat bed and some cat treats. These things won’t differ at all between genders, but you may want to get more manly or girly colors. Females tend to like more relaxed toys with catnip while males enjoy fetch toys. Of course, each breed has its highlights such as the Siamese traits of being very noisy and outgoing with strangers, whereas Russian Blues are quiet, gentle and good companions, then again Persians are lazy and undemonstrative.  


  • Read about breeds before committing to a new pet. Best bet is find one with a personality similar to your own.
  • Male and female cats are pretty much the same aside from some traits related to establishing rank in the household.
  • A male cat needs to neutered while a female should be spayed to prevent having kittens.
  • Both eat the same food and the same treats.
  • Male cats are generally more outgoing than females.
  • Both male and female cats like to jump, run, eat, sleep and be very curious. 
  • They both cost about the same because shots don’t differ.

Which pet is more independent?
  • Male Cats
  • Female Cats

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