Roller Coaster vs. Love

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Difference between Roller Coaster and Love

Emotions can be a difficult thing to understand, humans can show a variety of emotions depending on their situation. We are drawn as a moth to a flame to play out displays of emotions such as, love, fear, excitement, jealously, regret etc... Every person within their lifetimes, must have experienced these emotions at some point. However, one of the most powerful emotions is love. Finding a true love can be an experience to remember for a lifetime, especially your first true love. Most people don't end up marrying their first true love but a few lucky one's do. Nevertheless, most of us describe love to be as exciting as a roller coaster ride.

Roller Coaster

Side Effects

The side effects of love can be a racing heart, losing all track of time, excitement when you see your beloved, clumsiness, willing to do anything for your love, one can feel their stomach turning, nervousness, and change in one's personality (trying hard to be a really nice person) regardless of the severity of the side-effects. Funny thing is - the person suffering from love seems to love every bit of it! On the other hand, the sideeffects of a roller coaster romance are also a racing heart, feeling excitement and feeling sick to your stomachbut still loving it. Thus, one can compare love as being similar to a roller coaster ride, since they both have similar side effects.

Side Effect Triggers

Love can be triggered by meeting that special someone that's different from anyone else you've met. She may be the most beautiful girl you know or may be someone you adore more than anything in the world. In addition, you would do almost anything in the world to be with him or her.A roller coaster romance is defined by the hills and valleys. In this type of love you are elated one day and in deep depression the next. A glance, a tone in that person’s voice, the pause before the response or just hearing someone else say something negative can send you into a tail spin. In other words, the hallmark of roller coaster relationship is insecurity. Will it last forever?

Prevention and Cure

True love cannot be cured, ever! Nor can one really prevent it from happening, so basically when you think about it, you're hopeless! However, one can prevent from getting sick from a roller coaster romance, simply, by not getting into one. Experience is the only teacher to give us the sign that the romance we about to enter is bound for a very bumpy ride full of spice and heartache or a smoother ride that could either last a lifetime or at least end without fireworks.

The cure is listening to your intuition. Only you know whether or not you are ready for strong and steady relationship or are seeking something you lack and thus are open to romantic illusions and deceptions. If you are ready for the real deal, the trick is finding a mate who is also ready for a relationship that will last. If either of you is not is touch with your own truth, the resulting relationship will falter after the sparks become less interesting.


  • Being in love and being in roller coaster romance can both be thrilling experiences and can both be memorable experiences that last a lifetime.
  • Both being in love and being on a roller coaster have similar side effects. However, being in love can sometimes be more severe that, being on a roller coaster!
  • Triggers of love sickness can be meeting that special someone and falling in love with them. While roller coaster sickness can be simply be caused by a twisting and turning roller coaster at high G-forces.
  • Unfortunately there is no prevention for love and no cure for it! As for a overcoming roller coaster love sickness, one can simply avoid getting into one by walking away from your chance at short term romance.


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