Mormon vs. Scientology: What are they?

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Difference between Mormon and Scientology

Among the religious movements that have come into prominence in recent years, Scientology and Mormonism are the two that have managed to polarize the global community the most. Scientology is known by many to be practiced by numerous high profile celebrities in the entertainment, business and sports industries and its penchant for unusually high monetary costs is mirrored to some degree by similar Mormonism practices. Let's see what else they have in common and what some of their differences are.



The church of Mormonism is officially called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, which seems to suggest a Christian leaning. However, the subtle reference to members as "saints" stands in contrast to Christian teachings with regard to proclaiming just anyone as "saints".

As for Scientology, the name is clearly a combination of the words “science” and “ology”, which seems to suggest–and in fact can be literally translated as–the "study of science". It is therefore interesting to note that many of their teachings are in direct conflict with established scientific fact.

Recruitment Process

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints ensures a steady streams of new recruits by way of more the than 50,000 missionaries that roam the earth in search of new converts to the fold. Their recruitment methods should be familiar to most people by now since they involve a lengthy talk on their religion followed by a gift of a free book.

Scientologists on the other hand, are generally more subtle in their approach and the recruitment process typically begins with a “free personality test” that inadvertently reveals your unhappiness whether you are aware of it or not.


Mormons are expected to hand over 10% of everything that they earn…that is if they want to attain the highest level of salvation. This is a steep figure to be sure, but at $100,000 to $150,000 over the lifespan of a member, it pales in comparison to the Church of Scientology’s requirement of $275,000 to $350,000 that it asks of every member who wishes to reach OT 8. Some of the more vocal critics of Scientology have snidely suggested that this fee is intended to offset the costs of high living in Hollywood, which is one of the church’s strongholds.



  • Name literally translates to “The Study of Science”
  • Many beliefs are in conflict with scientific discoveries
  • Recruits members by way of “free personality tests”
  • Costs anywhere from $275,000 to $350,000 in order to reach the higher levels


  • Name is suggestive of Christian leanings, although members are referred to as "saints", which is in clear conflict with Christian teachings
  • Recruits members by way of missionaries that travel to other countries all over the world
  • Requires members to contribute 10% of all earning in order to reach the highest levels of salvation

Which faith has smarter members?
  • Mormon
  • Scientology

Discuss It: comments 6

  • Guest
  • Nicolas Connault wrote on March 2011

Calling members "saints" is not in direct conflict with "Christian teachings", since that is how the followers of Christ are called in the new testament. It is in conflict with Catholic tradition, yes, but in harmony with the Bible. That might be because Mormons follow the Bible, not the Catholic traditions.

Secondly, the payment of tithing is not a requirement for "the highest levels of salvation", it is a requirement for being able to attend the Temple. What is required for salvation is obedience and sacrifice, nothing different than what Christ taught in the New Testament.

  • Guest
  • Ant wrote on December 2018

Joseph was a pitifile and was allowed to have sex with under age girls for years, and in the split off groups that is still practiced.

Mormonism is less then 200 hundred years old, many of the basic facts of Mormonism can be proven false

Like why have the "GOLDEN TABLETS" and seer stone not been reviled to the public.

It's because it's all made up, with absolutely no factual evdence .

chritianity is more then 2000 years old so it would be impossible to prove of all their lies. They are also so petifiles that let their priests molest children then they protect them..

Organized religion has always been corrupt, and take advantage of weak minded people with lies of heaven.

If you have a small bit of inteigence you can easily see it all about money for the church..

It's interesting how close the practices of Scientology parallel mormanisim ...they are the biggest cults on our planet.

The Church was in existence BEFORE the Bible. The Bible was written IN the Church, BY the Church, and FOR the Church. Catholics do not read the Bible literally. Doing so, opens up any readings to irreconcilable and contradictory interpretations.

  • Guest
  • Mikael wrote on August 2012

@ JIM90069 The Catholic Church was not in existence before the Books of the Bible. Before the many books would turned into a compendium called the Bible...yes the Catholic Church did pick and choose which books would be in the official Bible. :) There were many different "Bibles" containing more or less the same books of Matthew, Luke, John, etc.

ps: For Catholics to not read the books inside the Bible as hilarious. THE CATHOLICS DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE. Utterly stupid choice of words. If they did write the Bible, then they are part of a vast conspiracy and are guilty of exactly what Joseph Smith was accused of doing. MAKING STUFF UP.

My point of view is that he was both inspired and insane. To know any real measure of Truth and live in this world and not kill yourself...requires insanity...a belief in a vision that you can do the impossible. Joseph Smith tried his utmost. Right or Wrong. He sincerely believed.

  • Guest
  • Duane Buchler wrote on December 2016

This is to all you people who believe in that book (bible) must have your head examined. That book was written by a man, religion was made up by a man, and to believe that there is someone or something that sent his son down here for the strict purpose to be nailed up is a myth made up by a man and if you were not so afraid of dying you would see how religion got started and who profits from this whole thing!!!!! If believe in this and not in UFO's you better wake up and smell the roses!!!!! Thank you if this gets posted at all!!

  • Guest
  • Terry wrote on January 2017

If there is no absolute Truth there would chaos. So where dose Truth come from? Can anyone decide on what Truth is? If so were dose your conscious come from? The Cosmos? or a pit of slime? If you go there than you can believe anything you want. Sad thing is I see it going that way. In my belief I know what will happen to man if we think we can do it on our own.

And it dose not matter what you believe,, some things are True no matter what you would argue. I think that day will be coming soon. Because we are steering that ship in that direction.

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