Fresh Food vs. Canned Food: Which is best?

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Difference between Fresh Food and Canned Food

The world is full of food. Of course, we wish everyone on Earth could eat fresh, healthy food but we have things like fast food and canned food that can be damaging. In the same aspect, some canned food is actually better then fresh food. Fresh food is defined as freshly grown veggies, fruits, breads from the bakery, freshly made cupcakes and things of that nature. Canned food is food grown or processed then put into cans to preserve their flavors and allow for year later consumption. If you are in a place that’s generally faced with storms, a collection of canned foods is always good. Food banks are a perfect example of the best use of canned food.

Fresh Food
Canned Food

Fresher Longer

Although fresh food tends to be desired because it has that beautiful smell or crunch, it doesn't last as long. You may have fresh vegetables that will only last you about a week if you're lucky. If they’re genetically modified they can last a month or so. The fresh breads grow green mold if you don't keep them in the fridge within a few days. Again, breads with lots of chemical additives last longer. Most unopened canned foods can last over a year or so in your closet or cabinet if at room temperature. Canned foods are packed with preserves to give you the same great taste for months after your purchase.

Nutrients or None

The great thing about fresh foods is that you get all of the nutrients without any added preservatives or salts and sugars. There are no added things to make the organic foods fatter, saltier, and sweeter or anything of the sort. However, are fresh fruits and vegetables really "fresh" and full of nutrients by time you eat them. Generally vegetables lose their nutrients unless frozen but most canned foods have little to no nutrients or minerals. This means that it's healthier to have fresh and just grown fruits, breads and vegetables verses canned foods. The thing you should remember is that frozen not canned vegetables hold the nutrients.

Money Saved or Lost

Another huge difference between fresh foods and canned food is that the prices are outrageous. When you buy fresh foods, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and breads you are usually spending a great deal more then when buying canned foods. Canned foods generally go on sale a lot more often and for better prices then buying fresh foods. Fresh bread from the bakery can be a bit cheap if on sale and is sometimes a great buy. If you are low on money, you can try shopping around for a vegetable store or look for a grocery store with the cheapest bakery. It's expensive to eat healthy, isn't it?


  • Although canned foods can last a whole lot longer then fresh foods things ought to be considered when buying foods.
  • Canned foods should be eaten as a last resort. But who’s to blame if you’re in the mood for your favorite soup and don’t have time to make it.
  • You should first pay attention to if you intend on having the food very soon after the purchase or months later. If you are a stickler for no added preservatives, salts, sugars, or fats then fresh is definitely the way to go.
  • Fresh foods have a nicer crunch and flavor for your enjoyment and pleasure.
  • Canned foods are also generally stored in syrup to keep fresh which is gross to some people.

Which do you eat at a picnic?
  • Fresh Food
  • Canned Food

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