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Difference between Squidoo and HubPages

Both Squidoo and HubPages are websites that allow you to post written content and make money as the traffic to your website builds up. Individuals use these websites as a second income or even a way to get recognition for their business. The traffic depends on how much you promote your webpage and how good your content is at bringing people back for repeat business. You can earn a small sum for a few basic articles and a larger one if you truly are interested in what you're doing. Squidoo was founded in 2005 and a year later HubPages launched in 2006. Squidoo calls their modules, Module, while HubPages calls it Capsules.


Ease for Newbies

The two websites can be difficult to navigate for some new users, but are fairly easy if you browse around the site and pay attention. To add content, you use the modules or capsules (in HubPages,) it's a fairly simple procedure. However one thing that makes HubPages a little more time consuming is that it doesn't offer html (hyper text markup language.) You have to use a bold tool to actually make your font bold; with Squidoo you can just write the html codes in Notepad and then upload it to the modules. They offer templates for newbies so that you can start right away and more experienced Squidoo users can reconstruct their own. 

Different Styles

Each website does the same thing but has a different layout style and options. When dealing with Squidoo you can only use 40 tags and with HubPages any number is allowed. HubPages also has a nice advantage which is that you can upload big images but you cannot add hyperlinks to them. The scoring is different for visitors on both sites as well as the writing restrictions. Another big difference is that for Squidoo it is important to fill at least 3 modules or it won't be considered developed and won't publish properly. With HubPages you can simply use one capsule (module) and be published.

Money Making

The first way to make a small amount of cash is by referrals. On Squidoo, you make $5 per referral but ONLY if they make $15 themselves. With HubPages, you make 10% of their page views forever (as long as their hubs last.) HubPages uses your own Adsense account and you get 60% of your total page views. This means if someone buys one of your products or clicks on one of your Adsense Ads you get 100% of the commission. Squidoo actually puts together the entire Adsense revenue and then it splits it. The author or (lensmaker) as it's called on Squidoo makes 50/50 with the affiliate programs.


  • Both can generate money if you try hard enough and generate enough traffic to your web pages.
  • If you are looking for unlimited options for almost everything, then HubPages is the way to go; Squidoo has some restrictions.
  • Squidoo offers you more variety for your webpage style/layout and even more if you know what you're doing.
  • Although different styles these websites make it easy for you to learn how to manage your web pages fast and efficiently.
Which is more effective for getting traffic?
  • Squidoo
  • HubPages

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  • Hani wrote on December 2010

Thanks for this comparison articles. Now i can understand more about Squiddoo and Hubpages.

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