IIT vs. IIM: Which is better?

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Difference between IIT and IIM

Indian education is a top priority in India. Most Indians are interested in pursuing higher education in India to help pave the way to a more comfortable life for themselves and loved ones. The education system in India has proved to be very effective as it covers both practical as well as theoretical aspects in a very extensive way. With IIT and IIM, the scope increases constantly.



IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) was declared by the parliament of India to be one of the highly regarded “Institutes of National Importance” and includes a set of fifteen engineering and technology institutes. To support the social and the economic state of India, IIT has been deeply involved in producing scientists and engineers that are highly professional and skilled.

IIM (Indian Institutes of Management) has been a great contributor to the Indian economy as they are the formal business schools that are involved in producing management graduates with high proficiency. The main motivation for launching such an institute by the Government of India was to attract the most intellectual students with management potential and to boost the economy of India by training them to work in the field of management and produce high quality results.


The locations of these institutes are widespread. The various locations of the IIT institutes are spread out and can be found in Mumbai, Rajasthan, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Punjab, Delhi, Mandi, Patna, Guwahati and Roorkee, India. There has been involvement by Germany, US and the UNESCO in terms of financial assistance as well as technical expertise.

In India, IIMs are considered to be amongst the top business schools. They are established in various locations in order to be conveniently reached by students in areas like Bangalore, Shillong, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Lucknow and have also been financed by the Indian Government.


Most of the students that study for the entrance exams to gain admission into on of the IIT schools are focused on building a career with a reputed multinational company or even maybe with higher ideals like starting a software firm. India is now positioned as a fast growing economy and this is the time to reach for one’s dreams. As far as the Alumni of IIT are concerned, as a group, they are known to be very successful.

IIM students have also been able to attain massive achievements with their knowledge gained from their education. IIM provides advantages of a higher level of opportunities to their graduates to enter into top level companies in the corporate world. IIM alumni are hugely successful in their chosen paths either with a high paying company or with organizations that they have set up after acquiring knowledge and skills from IIM.

Business and technology schools have been a stepping stone for many graduates and at the top position are the IIMs and the IITs.

  • The selection process is difficult for both the institutes
  • Each institute offers world class education
  • Gives grand opportunities to work with top level companies
  • Each is financially supported by the Indian Government

IIT and IIM are both are highly esteemed Indian educational institutes. The criteria for choosing between them should be made according to what the student sees as his/her career goal.


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