Sachin Tendulkar vs. Sir Donald Bradman: Who is best?

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Difference between Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Donald Bradman

Sachin Tendulkar and Don Bradman both will be remembered as legends of cricket all over the world. They have different batting styles although Sachin Tendulkar has often been compared to Sir Donald Bradman. Sachin Tendulkar was born in India in Maharashtra on April 24th, 1973. He has been regarded as an excellent player in both one day and test cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sir Donald Bradman


Donald Bradman, on the other hand, was born on August 27th, 1908. He demised on February 25th, 2001. The greatest feat for Sir Bradman is his batting average of 99.94 in test cricket. Sachin has recorded an average of 55.57 in test cricket so far.

Played Matches

Sachin Tendulkar has played in 266 one day international matches whereas Don Bradman played in 234 matches. Sachin Tendulkar also has a higher participation in the test matches being a part of 166 test matches so far. On the other hand, Sir Bradman only took part in 52 test matches during his 20 year cricket career. Sachin started his domestic cricket career at the age of 15 years, 232 days whereas his international cricket debut happened in Karachi when he was 16 years old in a test match against Pakistan. Sir Bradman started his cricket career much later at the age of 20 in 1928 in a test match played against England on November 30th, 1928.

Bowling Statistics

Both Bradman and Tendulkar also bowl. The bowling style of Sir Bradman was right arm leg break whereas Tendulkar bowls with right arm off spin and right arm leg spin bowling styles. Sir Bradman was not able to take 5 wickets in a single innings ever, whereas Tendulkar has done it twice, both in one day matches and LA (List A cricket). He is also the first player to have scored the maximum number of runs in test cricket. The previous record was held by Brian Lara for 11,000 runs and Sachin broke that record on October 17th, 2008.

Similarities and Differences

  • Captaincy

    -Sachin also led the cricket team of India but he served as a captain for a longer time than Sir Bradman. The latter only served as an Australian test team captain for some months in 1935. He resigned from the post being unfit. Sachin served for four years as the captain of the Indian cricket team captain from 1996 to 2000.
  • Runs

    -Sachin has scored far more runs in the international test cricket than Sir Bradman. He has made 13,447 runs so far whereas Sir Bradman only scored 6,996 runs. Bradman also scored a lesser number of centuries in test cricket, only 29 in number whereas Tendulkar has 47 centuries to his credit.
  • Fame

    -Sachin has become the cricket icon being the highest run scorer so far in both one day and test cricket. Sir Bradman was not the largest run scorer because he didn't play many matches, as they were not held in his time.  Sir Bradman has been included in ICC’s hall of fame whereas Sachin has won the honour of best one day batsman and second test batsman by Wisden 100. 

Richie Benaud comparison of Sachin and Bradman


Sachin Tendulkar being compared to Don Bradman

Who is the greatest cricketer?
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Sir Donald Bradman

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  • John Carpenter . 3+ yrs. ago

Obviously Sir Bradman. You can't compare Bradman with Tendulkar. Bradman is the legend.

  • xyz . 3+ yrs. ago

Who is better Brian Lara or Don Bradman ?

BRIAN LARA :- Two times more than 300 score in tests

with 400 not out...

wat about bradman ....

now tell who is more consistent in test

leave about ODIs...

think and then compare Sachin "THE GOD OF CRICKET" and the rest...

  • kunal natekar . 3+ yrs. ago

sir don also scored 2 tripal hundreds!!!!!!!!! but i m agree that there is no comparison between sir Don & Sachin "THE GOD OF CRICKET" coz SACHIN is d best dats y he is GOD of cricket

  • Anti Sachin . 3+ yrs. ago

IF ANYONE says that Sachin Tendulkar played with HUGE EXPECTATIONS on him and was overburden pressure. Then he was supposed to get out in the first over itself due to his not-able to play well situation because of pressure. Sachin must also should have stop taking tension after a century or double and must be made a TRIPLE and absorb the pressure. But THE TRUTH IS.. EXPECTATIONS OR PRESSURE wont help a bowler to deliver an unplayable delivery to Tendulkar. IF Tendulkar had NERVES OF STEEL, then EXPECTATIONS & PRESSURE would not have felt him at all. All great players played with HUGE EXPECTATIONS.. Lets take Sir DON BRADMAN's case, he too played with HUGE Expectations always and he Managed to score 29 Hundreds (which include 2 Triple Hundreds) in as less as 52 Tests. Just check how many tests were needed for this Indian Great to go past Sir Don's Record of 29 Hundreds. Sachin already played 22 years of International Cricket (180+ tests) and still awaiting his first 300 in tests. Virender Sehwag with his risky shots and unorthodox game has scored almost 3 Triples (one is a 290+ score) within his 12year career and only half amount of tests that Sachin played. Virender Sehwag did not allow the 200 Fluke Score of Tendulkar in ODI to even stay for 2 years. SO VIRENDER SEHWAG IS THE GOD OF SACHIN IN CRICKET.

  • Smarty . 3+ yrs. ago

Dude.. Ur Lack of logic is stunning!!Check the number of times Sehwag scored below 10 in his 12 years career, and also check his average. 200 of Sachin was not fluke, he scored theze runs against South Africa which had one of the best bowling line ups in world cricket. Instead i would say that 200* of Sachine was more deserving than 219 of Virender Sehwag because Sehwag was dropped on 169.

  • Anti Sachin . 3+ yrs. ago

Sachin Tendulkar is yet to make a 300 in Tests after playing 22 years of International Cricket that too mostly in the batting friendly pitches of the Indian Subcontinent. If anyone says sub-continental pitches favour SPIN then Indians are considered the best players of Spin and Sachin is regarded as the Best Indian Batsman around. So Subcontinental pitches are INDEED batting friendly pitches for Indians. Now dont say statistics dont proove the greatness of a player. If the Great cant get into great stats after the longest possible career then HE IS NOT GREAT AT ALL. Sir Don Bradman have scored 2 Triple Hundreds in as less as 52 Tests and scored in Pacy English Wicket of Leeds. Brian Lara Scored 2 big Triples out of which - one is a 400 not out to proove his class. Even our silly Virender Sehwag with his risky shots and unorthodox game has scored almost 3 triple hundreds in the Subcontinent (one is a 290+ score). When will this FAKE GOD OF INDIAN CRICKET is going to achieve that feat. Even a single Triple or even I will consider a 290 as a Triple Hundred.

  • aaa . 3+ yrs. ago

if bradman is legend sachin is the father of legend.........

  • NAVI . 3+ yrs. ago

bradman is next only to sachin THE "CRICKET GOD"

  • Geoff Plumridge . 3+ yrs. ago

Sachin doesn't even have has good a record as Kallis & Sangakkaara. How can he be better than Bradman who scored a century every second time he went out to bat?

  • KISH . 3+ yrs. ago


  • Vishal Shetty . 3+ yrs. ago

Speak with some logic...bradman is way ahead of sachin or any other batsman...just compare his complete batting record with sachins complete batting record...then u will come to know...I am also an indian and like sachin but no one can rule out the fact that bradman is the greatest ever...saching will come second after him and that too very far dude...

  • Milan . 3+ yrs. ago


Sachin is the best

  • laxman singh . 3+ yrs. ago

i think sachin is the greatest player in the cricketing history of all time because the pressure which he takes of indian people and plays consistently is simply remarkable. where as bradman didnt had any pressure at that time. and it is not easy for any person to take that pressure and play for his country like INDIA where cricket has become relgion.I dont think SIR DON BRADMAN could have handled this pressure. simply not a joke.

  • Kalpit Dubey . 3+ yrs. ago

Ever heard about World war 2 and great depression... Don played in that era... Stop this **** about Tendulkar being gr8est, and not being able to handle the pressure... Keeping that in mind Dhoni played a match winner with all the pressure in WC final, so he should be d greatest... start making sense...

  • Midnight . 3+ yrs. ago

You're so stupid, Sir Donald Bradman played during WWII and the Great Depression. He had a lot more pressure than Sachin Tendulkar.

  • laxman singh . 3+ yrs. ago

i think sachin is the greatest player in the cricketing history of all time because the pressure which he takes of indian people and plays consistently is simply remarkable. where as bradman didnt had any pressure at that time. and it is not easy for any person to take that pressure and play for his country like INDIA where cricket has become relgion.

  • Senthilmurugan . 3+ yrs. ago

Its difficult thing to compare two players of different periods. But on the whole Bradman is definitely better than Sachin

  • Milan . 3+ yrs. ago


sachin is much much better

  • kunal natekar . 3+ yrs. ago

u r completely wrong dude!!! sachin (god) Tendulkar played each & every part of the world!!!!!!!In different conditions where sir don played most of their matches only aus, eng & sa!!!!!

  • Kalpit Dubey . 3+ yrs. ago

Please check the record of Tendulkar and compare em with Don's in those countries u mentioned and pls take averages...

  • Likhith Kumar B.R . 3+ yrs. ago

Sachin is d GOD OF CRICKET. Bradman was only a player in cricket where Sachin is d GOD.

  • pratyush01212 . 3+ yrs. ago

you can not do comparision between sachin and bradman ,bradman is the best

  • Milan . 3+ yrs. ago


  • john . 3+ yrs. ago

did sachin discovered cricket. he can't be god of cricket. he took 89 matches to hit first century........

  • varun . 3+ yrs. ago

sachin started playing when he was 16, give the kid a break it takes time to get mature, bowlers were already scared of him at that age.

  • Faisal . 3+ yrs. ago

which bowlers?

  • King . 3+ yrs. ago

your dad!!!

  • Milan . 3+ yrs. ago


glenn mcgrath

  • kabir . 3+ yrs. ago


  • srk . 3+ yrs. ago

well he had 89 different bowlers bowling at him not as bradman facing the same few bowlers every match, and one more thing dude one who invents somethng doesnt become a god one who preaches it to everyone becomes a god.

  • Faisal . 3+ yrs. ago

99.94 is an answer to everything. Sachin averages only 42 vs Pakistan, because Pakistan has greatest bowling talent over the years, Lara is much better than Sachin as he averages 53 against Pakistan with the same atatck, go figure. Vs SOuth Africa he averages 38, again a nation with great pace atatck over the years.

  • john . 3+ yrs. ago

definate biased pakistani speaking here. Just because pakistan cant find anyone close to tendulkar and the only time they find someone with any talent he ends up being a cheating money driven scumbag. im english btw

  • shyam . 3+ yrs. ago

well said buddy.......

  • shyam . 3+ yrs. ago

Go and check the poll result man

  • Milan . 3+ yrs. ago

so what is'nt he master blaster

  • God fan . 3+ yrs. ago

78 matches dude be correct in history

  • Faisal . 3+ yrs. ago


  • nilesh . 3+ yrs. ago

that's right

  • wajahat . 3+ yrs. ago

bradman is wounderful player he was the don of cricket you not forget don test batting averige 99.99

  • varun . 3+ yrs. ago

he played in less than half the innings of the matches he actually played, nothing to be taken away from him but things have changed bradman did not have to deal with the pressure sachin deals with

  • Faisal . 3+ yrs. ago

what pressure, in the first 15 years of Sachin's career, Lara was way ahead, Sachin only surpassed when Lara hung his boots!

  • shyam . 3+ yrs. ago

what a knowledge u have got man? great !!!! the way dont say this to anyone

  • Midnight . 3+ yrs. ago

He played during the Great Depression and WWII. He had much more pressure. You know nothing of what happened in the rest of the world do you?

  • kunal natekar . 3+ yrs. ago

1st u learn English then come here!!!!!!!!average not averige!!!!!!!!! & u even know the whole name of sir don?????? u saw him playing?????so how can u say he is greatest player!!!!!!!!

  • Praveen . 3+ yrs. ago

For all thsoe who think Don bradman is best... He has only seen one side of cricket, he has played only test matches and that too very few test matches. He has not played ODI and T20. And those days bowling speed was so very less. Were in Sachin has played Test, ODI and T20 for so many years and has been top in all the seasons through out his life. He has never been out of form. He is truly legend. I do not think if Bradman had played as many matches as sachin played he would have had good average. SACHIN IS LEGEND!!!!

  • Faisal . 3+ yrs. ago

Test crikcet is the real test, ODIs and T20s are mere jokes. Don scored at a faster rate in tests than one can imagine even in an ODI. That too without helmets and additonal saftey gear that Sachin enjoys. Sachin comes out as if he is a soldier in a warfiled, all packed.

  • kunal natekar . 3+ yrs. ago

i knw i knw y u so against god of cricket!!!!!!!!coz pakistan cricket sucks big tym!!!!!!! v r world champions, v r no.1 test side, v have IPL, v r reachest board in d world...... & who is pakistan?????just a team who lost the semi final against their arch rivals INDIA for 5th tym!!!!!& all 5tyms there is sachin with his bat to slap u r asses!!!!!!!!

  • Bikram Kumar Chhetri . 3+ yrs. ago

Can you people go and get f***** off. You know what?… You do not understand anything about the game of cricket. When you talk about players from the past era including Mr. bradman then you must take into account the most important thing which, for sure, is the LEVEL OF COMPETITIVENESS in the sport in that particular era, or decade, or period. I cannot help myself but laugh at the fact that there are people with some weird imagination who bring up a list of top 20 or top 10 batsmen from the mere details that he was able to seek by surfing internet or reading. Or may be giving it the cover of a scientific analysis. With time cricket has seen drastic and better changes which makes the game more difficult, more competitive. How many teams did Bradman’s side played against? What was the fastest delivery in his time? Who were his competitors? Did the fielders in his time ever made that extra effort to do something electric apart from just being a mere onlooker. Therefore his average of 99.94 does not impress me. People talked about Ponting as the best batsman for three glorious years. But what about Ponting now. I guess he is all nuts and crazy cursing himself to have hoped that he could equal Tendulkar. Mike Hussey emerged as if he was going to beat Bradman in terms of test batting average however it seems that he has resigned to the fact that it is quite an easy task to sparkle in the early years but not not quite so to sustain the sparkles within. The same is true for Mr Bradman. After 50 odd test he averaged 99.something, after 50 more it would have been 40.nothing. I beleive that you cannot compare those undemanding runs scored against amateurs in the 30's and 40's to Sachin's, scored against the modern era fast bowlers and real spinners. The Don scored most of his runs against bumbling, clumsy, inept, limited, unfit, sometimes ageing upper class twits with speed on a par with today's club cricketers. There was no Marshall, Ambrose or Walsh. There was no Hadlee, McGrath or Lillee. There was no Akram or Waqar and there certainly was no Warne or Muralitharan to face so how can you measure his runs reasonably? You cannot! Look at Graeme 'flat pitch bully' Hick's record in county cricket compared to Test cricket and you will understand what I mean. Watching videos of The Don I was struck by the amount of runs scored by the horizontal bat and Wisden noted that he never never truly mastered batting on sticky wickets. Wisden commented, "if there really is a blemish on his amazing record it is the absence of a significant innings on one of those 'sticky dogs' of old" We all have a common belief and understanding that batting in pressure situation is quite the reverse of just batting alone. I wonder if all the names that I have mentioned before ever had to really bat in pressure against the hopes of billion people expecting you to perform.. He has faced bowlers of the likes of Malcomm Marshall, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Shaun Pollock, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, Abdul Qadir, Shoaib Akhtar, Bret Lee, Glenn Mcgrath, Shane Warne, Muttaih Murlitharan, Dale Steyn, Mkhaya Ntini and endless. He holds the record for most number of runs in both version of the game leading by miles. He already has the number of centuries that cannot be surpassed ever. And he has played the most modern and recent version of the game and is still scoring as heavilly as ever. It is true that Ponting reached his peak when Tendulkar was not doing great and possibly we can see that as his worst phase in his cricketing career. But in a career spreaded in two long long decades that does happen and I hope we understand that. But as great players do, he is back to his way of scoring runs. And if he is to play for the next two years, forget Ponting or anyone else ever fancying chances of coming closer to his staggering record. AND therefore there is only one great batsman, a genius, a legend, and the name is Sachin Tendulkar.

  • smart prince . 3+ yrs. ago

sorry bikram Sir Bradman is always legend is average to be rethink what about the body line imagine there was no development those days. yeah i accept sachin is good , great if he thinks he can create the history but he never played for the records best things yet to come from sachin, if he decided i hope bowlers are not born to get his wicket just see lara records what is highest score why cant sachin do that i want to see that and i am waiting.....

  • Faisal . 3+ yrs. ago

When you name the bowlers, try to research Sachini's avergae against Pak in tests, it is mere 42, vs his overall avg of 55. Bradman did not wear helmets or any protective gears, bowlers were as fast as today, i would think faster, because people were uner less stress before and generally more fit. He had to face body-line. The rules are so much in batsman's favor these days and there are no uncovered wkts. Flat dirty tracks to keep on batting. Batting has never been as easy it has been during the last decade. The number two in the era of Don is a distant second with 60 avg, which shows batting was still difficult in those days and only Don was leading the pack and that too with distinction. You have to admit it, Sachin can never be the greatest batsmen in the history if he does not surpass the avg of 99.94, the day Sachin hits 99.95, I would salute him, till then tell him, it is much betetr time to better his avergae against Pakistanis, as M Amir is out, otherwise that would have been another mightmare for Sachin. Poor average of 42 vs Pak, Lara has an avg of 53 against the same atatcks and over the years, I knew Lara was the one player who would always take the game away single handedly from Pak. Sachin could never do that, maybe I would give him some marks in the one off innings he played in 2003 WC. 1996 WC quarterfinal, Sachin played like a **** with only 32 to his names out of 93 deliveries he faced, without Akram in the bowling ine-up

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