Regular Coffee vs. Decaf: Your preference?

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Difference between Regular Coffee and Decaf

When people here coffee they think of their morning bolt of “java” to get the going for a long day. It’s the drink that wakes us up and gets our day started. You no doubt know someone personally who begins each day with one or two cups of coffee before getting out the door in the morning. Coffee comes in many varieties and flavors as well as types. Many choose regular coffee and for those with health issues there’s the much popular decaf coffee. Decaf coffee has no caffeine or at least less caffeine which is preferred for a variety of reasons.

Regular Coffee


The main difference between the two is the amount of sugar in both as well as the amount of caffeine. Some people say that the taste is different but that’s only an opinion. One major difference however is the way the beans are handled. When making decaf coffee they remove the caffeine before the green bean part of the procedure. Decaf coffee is supposed to have less than 3% caffeine in the United States. Other countries have less then 0.1% and some 0.5%. One other difference between the two types of coffee is the fact that regular coffee can cause the jitters if drinking too much.


Caffeine is the main difference between regular coffee and decaf coffee. Some people can’t drink caffeine for health reasons and some for personal preference. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant drug and diuretic. For those people, decaf coffee has a very small percent of caffeine in it. Caffeine can be removed in processes using water, carbon dioxide or organic solvents. The side effects are numerous aside from the undesirable withdrawal symptoms.

Users of caffeine may experience adverse reactions including ulcers, acid reflux disease, insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, muscle tremors, irritability, blurred vision, dry mouth, ringing in the ears, cold sweat, nausea, diarrhea and anxiety.

Coffee in other countries can’t have more then .5% of caffeine and that’s what I call real decaf coffee. After the caffeine is removed the coffee is still brewed the same and served the same as regular coffee. Some others have started using decaf at night since it has less caffeine to keep them awake and hyper late at night.


The taste of regular coffee and decaf is the same to some and different to others. Some claim that decaf coffee is weaker and that may be true. However coffee is coffee and can have a better taste with added creamers if one truly doesn't like the taste of decaf. The caffeine doesn't really add or take away from the flavor it just lowers the content of it. For those who want a strong batch of coffee more beans should be used in the coffee with or without the some variation of sugar or cream.


  • Regular coffee can be known to cause the jitters in some people if drinking too much in one day. Many other side effects are known.
  • Decaf coffee has a very small amount of caffeine in it and can have anywhere from 0.1% to 3% caffeine.
  • Decaf and regular coffee both have taste but some claim that decaf coffee has a weaker taste then regular coffee does.
  • Both are made from beans but decaf coffee means that caffeine must be removed from the beans using water, carbon dioxide or organic solvents. 

Which coffee tastes better?
  • Regular Coffee
  • Decaf

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