Facebook vs. MySpace vs. Orkut: Which is better?

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Difference between Facebook, MySpace and Orkut

Social networking sites have become a part of almost everybody’s daily lives. They provide with an easy interface to connect with our friends, family, professional colleagues or even with assorted organizations. Networking has proven itself to be a highly valuable marketing tool that publicizes at once a thought viewed globally. Face book, My Space or Orkut are such examples of SNS that have been proven to be of great benefit to the people. One word of caution, its been reported in the news they have turned out to be a source of addiction for the conversationally minded among us.


Usual Features

Users have the ease of interacting with each other with the help of extensive features that belong to Facebook. Poke is an attractive feature that enables people to have fun by poking each other.

People can share their photos with each other and help keep friendship bonds stronger with each other. The status feature makes it easier for other people to know their latest whereabouts. The option that makes Facebook so convenient for users is that the settings of privacy can be set according to preference. In the beginning, the wall was only limited to the extent of putting up textual content which then was modified to include attachments as well and many other modifications that have taken place.

MySpace features are also very exquisite. They contain exciting bullets that are similar to the wall of Facebook. The group feature provides users with the ability to allow all permissioned users to share a page i.e. common and message board as well.

Orkut along with all the features which other networking sites hold possesses a feature which allows the user to add videos of one’s own, You Tube or even videos from Google. It also provides with the option to poll or not poll.

Unique Aspects

The main feature of Facebook is the wall that enables people to post their messages to the owner of the wall and then carry on with the conversation. Exciting features like the My Space TV, My Space Mobile, My Space news and many applications makes it even a better space for everyone to enjoy. The last but not the least is the facility of Orkut that provides users with integrated G talk and changing themes while the former makes it easier to have G talk conversation at the same time and the latter allows the user to change the appearance of the page as required.

Ongoing Success

In current scenario, Facebook is a huge hit among the youngsters and the old people. It is on its move to add more and more features to adjust with the user’s need. Though Facebook has already come a long way from its time of creation, it still is on the move of achieving more and more.


My Space has already made it big because of the extensive feature it includes in its networking while Orkut has faced a bit of downfall after the massive promotion of Facebook but it is still trying to make amendments that would increase its user base.

  • Social networking is essential and all these are
  • Well designed and created
  • Possesses huge user base
  • Includes high features
  • Constant Improvement
Henceforth, all networking sites have one basic goal and everybody should be a part of it and keep in touch!

Which has better privacy controls?
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Orkut

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Still with Orkut!

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