Sunroof vs. Moonroof: What is the difference?

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Difference between Sunroof and Moonroof

Since you tend to spend a lot of money on a car, you want yours to have options like a sunroof or moon-roof to make your time on the road more satisfying. But which one is better? And what is the difference? Now I’m sure most salesmen will say they are the same thing, but is that really true? They are salesmen after all. Let’s dissect this topic a bit further to get a deeper understanding.

Are They the Same Thing?

Okay, first let’s get at the meaning of a sunroof. A sunroof is a fixed roof on top of an automobile that allows fresh air and light to pass through so as it reaches the passengers inside the automobile. Sunroofs are actually operated manually means by opening it yourself to let air into the car or the sun roof can be removed. This now brings us to moon-roofs. To be honest with you, there was really is no such word as moon-roof until the 70’s. This is a term that was introduced to the market by John Atkinson in 1973, a Ford marketing manager. They had their own versions of sunroofs which they called moon-roofs for originality. But there have been significant differences that people have installed in these words by themselves in the years to come.

Notable Features

Sunroofs are commonly thought of as a roof that is opaque whereas a moon-roof is thought of as transparent roof in which you can see through. Since almost all sunroofs can be moved electrically, almost all sunroofs are considered to be moon-roofs. The term sunroof is almost obsolete at this point.

The Right Roof for You

Well this is basically something of your preference. Most people prefer the so called moon-roofs because they’re transparent and operated automatically. But some others prefer the old fashioned sunroofs as it blocks the sunlight during the morning and the feel of opening them manually is just classic.


  • Sunroofs and moon-roofs are roofs of automobiles that are able to open up to let in fresh air and light reach the passengers inside.
  • Moon-roof is a term that was introduced to the market by John Atkinson, a former Ford marketing manager in 1973.
  • A sunroof is manually cranked open or can be removed, while a moon-roof is operated automatically. 


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