Unlimited Web Browsing vs. A Data Plan

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Difference between Unlimited Web Browsing and A Data Plan

The data plan and unlimited web browsing offers by so many telecommunications companies have caused many to wonder what each plan is all about and more importantly, which one offers the most benefits. The fact of the matter is that the two are actually a lot alike, with some even claiming that they are virtually identical with only a few very minor differences. Here, we take a look at the AT&T data plan and the Verizon unlimited web browsing offers.


The AT&T data plan currently offers unlimited plans at about $70 a month. The company also offers a $119.99 a month family plan that comes with two lines. Also offered are $20 a month individual texting plans, and $30 a month Family Talk plans.

The unlimited web browsing as offered by Verizon comes at similar cost, with the typical plan coming in at about $30. Verizon offers this particular plan for various smartphones.


The AT&T data plan offers users unlimited talk options at various rates, with $70 a month being the average. Also available are Family Talk plans for texting and/or web browsing. These plans are offered to new as well as existing customers that wish to upgrade from their previous plans.

Verizon unlimited web browsing on the other hand, is available with voice plans for various devices. E-mail and web browsing functionality for the Blackberry is already offered and it is expected that the plan will be made available with more devices supported in the near future.

In Use

Unfortunately, data plans are just as prone to a bit of inaccuracy as unlimited web browsing plans are and you will have to go over the fine print of the contract carefully in order to make sure of what you are getting into. AT&T's in particular seems to have quite a long list of data applications that aren't supported and the unavailability of tethering for the iPhone is a bit of a letdown.

The unlimited web browsing plans offered by many companies, aren't exactly…well, unlimited either. Many of the companies that offer such plans have also been the subject of numerous complaints regarding affordability and support. In any case, new unlimited web browsing plans that allow truly unlimited use are in the offing.


Data Plan

  • Affordably priced plans range from $20 to $70 a month for individuals
  • Family plans start at $119.99 a month
  • Data plan may not be as "unlimited" as the company claims
  • Plenty of data uses aren't allowed
  • No tethering for the iPhone means that it can't be used as a wireless modem

Unlimited Web Browsing

  • Requires you to sign up for a voice plan
  • Requires a smartphone in order to avail of the unlimited web-browsing plan for $30
  • Available for a wide variety of devices
  • Support for more devices planned soon

Which is better?
  • Unlimited Web Browsing
  • A Data Plan

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  • Tony Perez . 3+ yrs. ago

You still left me with the same question I asked.

  • Eileen . 3+ yrs. ago

I agree. You did not answer the question. I don't want to know the plans. My plan has 10G Data and unlimited web. What I want to know is, what is web and what is data? How do I know if what I'm using us unlimited or limited?

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