Cloud vs. Dedicated Hosting

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Difference between Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

Computers are extremely necessary in any organization. More sophisticated businesses are always looking for ways to maximize the use of their tools at the lowest cost – including computers. Cloud and dedicated hosting for sharing resources among companies have become extremely popular.

Dedicated Hosting


Cloud hosting is a more technical service as compared to dedicated hosting. In cloud hosting, a central client contains runs applications through a web browser which are accessed from servers because they contain the data and software required for operating it. This is like the Google website which has multiple servers dedicated to it. Google can any time update the application and scale it up. They also have the data required to run the application. Dedicated hosting is in marked contrast to cloud hosting because the former only refers to an Internet hosting service. So what this implies is that the client has a server dedicated to hosting its website which is not accessible to any one else. The organizations get huge control over their websites in such services because the server is not hosting any other website. This ensures that are able to have dedicated operating systems for their own website.


Having a dedicated web hosting service implies a lesser overhead but a higher return on the money spent due to ease of maintenance. The hosting company can take care of the administration of the server but generally it is done by the corporation itself. Cloud hosting ensures that you don’t pay for the cost of the server. You pay the rent for the usage through the third party provider. A lot of cloud hosting service providers charge their users on a pay utility model which includes payments for the use - like an electricity payment model. In the dedicated server model, the ownership of the server lies in the hands of the organization that has paid for it.

Data security

-In dedicated server, no one has access to the data, but cloud hosting or computing is much like Internet. The data is accessible by a lot of clients at the same point of time. So, a lot of concerns actually arise about the safety of the data.


  • Cloud hosting has multiple servers whereas dedicated hosting only has a single one.
  • Although people have greater access to a website in a dedicated server, the truth is that this access is faster in case of a cloud hosting because of the presence of multiple related server. The client or the service requester is provided with the most rapid processing speeds.
  • The cloud hosting has the disadvantage that the data has no definite physical location. The client is not aware of the location of the data unlike a dedicated server where it just has a single remote location. Telecommunication companies which have been making use of this system so far could not ascertain its privacy. 


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