Influence of Books vs. Influence of Music

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Difference between Influence of Books and Influence of Music

Books and music are not a direct comparison normally but when it comes to youngsters and their lives both have a very strong influence. Both books and music are active ingredients of the lives of young lads and lassies. This is because they spend quite a lot of their time either reading books or listening to music. Music can have both a positive as well as negative impact on an individual’s life. The nature and kind of music defines that what type of message they render on the youngster. While books of any type give you either eye opening or well meaning but misguided information on subjects ranging from the simplest subjects to the more sophisticated.

Influence of Books
Influence of Music

The Brighter Side

Books are found to be written in millions of types on our planet. Different cultures have brought in books in different languages that amuse audiences as well as provide interesting information about specific subjects. The scope of books range from the time before dinosaurs up to date providing information everything. The quality of each book is found in the author’s intention, research behind it and were the book takes the reader. Music has always been a source of pure entertainment and amusement to people from all over the world. Music has provided people with a sense of relief mentally and even spiritually. Some cultures use music to tell folk tales or stories about creation but exposure to those songs is rare and rarely understood by modern societies. Even more off the beaten path is the idea that music satisfies a need for harmonizing our internal selves. Who among us doesn't have a favorite song or even a string of notes we find soothing. Alternately, some youth are attracted to music which resonates with the discord or passion they feel emotionally during their very hormonal periods of life.


Books build the personality within a person giving him exposure to the new fronts as well as carving the mental caliber to encourage him draw closer to the perfection that the world demands.  Books facilitate the readers entering a world of the author artistry and at times the reader can feel immersed in a world found nowhere on Earth. Books can even be used by those who are looking for answers in life. Many people report finding the perfect book to answer the burning questions in their minds.

Music doesn't answer questions per se, music answers feeling or disturbed emotions looking for an outlet. When combined with dance, music comes to life in the dancer and audience. The popularity of singing and dancing shows on TV is ample evidence for the more disciplined expressions of music. Kids aren't always as disciplined in their tastes and often opt for bubble gum or darker types.


There are a wide range of music and books available in the market. Some books and magazines come with parental guidance limitations as there are a few of them dedicated to people beyond a certain age limit. Kids are curious about their bodies, their emotions, their place in peer hierarchies and hopefully their futures. Parental guidance is absolutely necessary to help kids decide which pathways they should incline to in relation to reading books and listening to music. Even without acknowledging the value of advice given by relatives kids more often than not take adult wisdom to heart – though you may not see the signs for months or years.


  • Books tend to stimulate mental journeys and expanded awareness of realities different from our own.
  • Music gives our minds and bodies expression and escape from reality into alternate worlds of pure positive feelings or expression of internal discord.
  • Kids need guidance in all areas of life. Giving advice about books and music in a positive way is bound to bring positive results either in the short term or more likely in the long term.
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  • Influence of Books
  • Influence of Music

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  • laura s. . 3+ yrs. ago

its a tough sell. it's just easier to get into the groove with music. books take time and dedication...

  • gia . 3+ yrs. ago

books may take time and dedication but it's worth it though once u get into a good book u don't want to put it down. Music is good though it also takes time and dedication but once u have learned new songs it's a good experience to have i love music compared to books though.

  • Maria . 3+ yrs. ago

i agree with gea book rule da world!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • MrMcSaltyStupid . 3+ yrs. ago

Music's appeal is also music's flaw. Music provides pleasure without any mental work. So, from a purely entertainment perspective, music easily beats books. However, there is little benefit from music. It's mindless mental pleasure, just like TV. Books, on the other hand, require mental effort, but this mental effort is rewarded by all the benefits of reading. This is why books are superior to music. Books are like vegetables. Music is like junk food. So, Americans are obese not only literally, but also mentally from our addiction to mindless technological vices such as music, TV, video games, the internet, etc. The sad thing about music is we don't even view it as a vice. At least with other drugs like TV, cheeseburgers, and video games, we know they're bad.

  • rashul . 3+ yrs. ago

so books are the only meaningful things in the world? lol

  • Your mom . 3+ yrs. ago

That doesnt even make sense. Try making some music and see hoe it feels.

  • Parrot . 3+ yrs. ago

Sounds me to me like you've been listening to ENTIRELY the wrong music, or listening to the right music the wrong way. There have been albums that act as biographies of important figures, albums that are in-depth political commentary, albums that /tell stories/, and not only stories but meaningful and interesting stories, and the presentation of these subjects in a musical format adds depth to it that you could never achieve on paper (just as books can have depth in ways way beyond what audio can do, as well).

I mean, sure, if you just tune it out and bob your head, music's really just a nice rhythm. But in the same way, you can skim the surface of a book's story and never reach its deeper meanings either. A book's nothing if you don't read the words; music can't have a message if you ignore the lyrics*. Listening to music can be mental exercise if you want it to be- I follow, dissect and analyze every song I listen to, and it's absolutely marvelous (as good as any book, and I'm an avid reader).

*Well, music can send a message without words, but in a way entirely different from books, and one you probably wouldn't appreciate.

  • xavier . 3+ yrs. ago

yeah music is better

it has been around since the beggening of time

  • kalyiaj . 3+ yrs. ago

That makes no type of sence. Its only about the type of music your listening to, music isnt always like junk food! THE HECK -__-

  • migel . 3+ yrs. ago

i agree with Parrot.^^^^

  • MUE . 3+ yrs. ago

Ah come on! Didn't you hear listening to music while reading?

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