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Difference between iPod and Zune

For a number of years now the iPod has been the king of the hill as far as portable music players were concerned. Sure there have been a few worthy contenders to the portable music player’s throne over the years, but the iPod hold on the market has proven to be a tenacious one. Now, another contender works its way into the spotlight in Microsoft’s Zune, which has the iPod firmly in its cross-hairs. Will the Zune take the infamous Microsoft and Apple rivalry to new heights of pugilistic combat? Let's see! 

The Backgrounder 

The iPod has been a fixture in the portable music player scene for a number of years now and several versions have been introduced to target certain market segments. Among the other devices in the iPod line aside from the standard model are the Video iPod, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Touch, which is remarkably similar to the company’s own iPhone. 

The Zune for its part has been out on the market only for a while, although it is making a pretty favorable impression to the public and critics alike. In any case, the Zune adopts many of its features and capabilities from the iPod although the results haven’t always been as good as could be expected.

Best Features

One thing that most users appreciate in the iPod line is its simplicity and ease of use. The clickwheel is a particular favored innovation, since it allows users to search for songs and perform many other functions at blazing speed. The iPod touch is even better in this regard, since it comes with a touchscreen display. 

In contrast, the Zune’s obviously iPod derived D-pad seems lame in comparison offering nowhere near the same features and capabilities as the iPod’s clickwheel. To its credit though, the Zune does come with a nice large screen and the ability to share music via wi-fi.

Market Appeal

The iPod simply has a market appeal that goes beyond its capabilities and features set. Like so many other Apple products, the iPod has also managed to achieve iconic status and its name is often used to refer to portable music players regardless of make. 

As for the Zune, it will be a long while before it can compete with the sales and popularity of the iPod…if it will be able to at all. Nevertheless, the Zune is expected to attract a base of users that is eager to try out something other than the tried-and-proven iPod line. 



  • Has been around longer than the Zune 
  • Is a certified cultural icon, with a name that has become synonymous with music players 
  • Numerous variations such as the standard model, the Video iPod, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Touch 
  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Easy music searching features 
  • Extensive selection of songs available via the iTunes store 


  • Has been around only a few years
  • "Borrows" heavily from the iPod 
  • Circular D-pad doesn't offer nearly as many capabilities as the iPod’s clickwheel
  • Software is prone to hang-ups and crashes 

Which is more stylish?
  • iPod
  • Zune

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IPOD TOUCH. its the most popular music device... apps... everything..

zune is trying to compete with the ipod there fore ipod is better because its a role model for the zune.

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