Living on a Farm vs. Living in the City

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Difference between Living on a Farm and Living in the City

By common belief, an person's personality has something to do with the date they were born as that depicts what their zodiac sign will be. Well I have to admit that this plays a somewhat significant role in molding one's personality as I have personally seen resemblances in regards to character traits that the zodiac signs have for each one. But what shapes a person’s perception of reality and beliefs are anchored in the natal environment they have used in their orientation towards life. Of course many people live in the suburbs, but what can we say about how city living alters a person versus living on a farm.

Family Values

For most of us, our family is your support network. Our relationships with our family members should never be taken for granted. They will always be there for you when you need them the most and I'm sure you'll be there as well for them when the situation calls for it. But you can't help but notice the different family values instilled into a person living on a farm compared with someone living in the city. A majority of people living on farms stay with their families, helping to make life on the farm run smoothly and are with them most of the day everyday thus creating an unbreakable bond between them. A person living in the city can have this same bond but, let's face it, city life is so busy. Friends, play, dining, exploring and career fill the hours of every day. An example of the differences can be found in care for our family elders. Life is so busy that there are special homes for the aged that provide old people a place to stay if their own families are too busy or are unable to take care of them. Places like these are less common in rural areas because of the family bonding stressed here.

Wants and Needs

The difference in what a person wants and needs has something to do with where they are located. A person living on a farm identifies and prioritizes their needs much more so than their wants. Rural people are aware of what is necessary for them to live a lifestyle further removed from others and closer to natural cycles which gives routine things greater importance. Their wants are seemingly simple and with that said, they generally don't cling to the "I need to get it" attitude. However people in the city tend to give their needs the same priority as their wants. With all of the enticing and competition inducing commercials they see on television plus the peer persuasions that tell them to get a specific item, you can't help but feel a bit pressured to own that item, etc. Life in the city is just more complicated than life on a farm.

The Environment

The surrounding environment between a farm and a city has vast obvious differences that tend to be overlooked at times. Farm life is best described as a peaceful and healthy way of living. You are surrounded by nature's gifts such as the animals, trees, sun, wind, natural cycles and so on. There are stresses having to do with health, wealth and prosperity but these stresses aren't usually as complicated. If needs are met then the object is doing it’s job, more or less. Having the newest iPod less likely to make your friends who don’t plan on buying one, feel the need to re-prioritize their budgets just to get one.

City life is best described as fast paced, modern gadgetry, pollution, peer pressure, work pressure, advertising pressure, financial pressure, etc. Keeping up with Jones’s is commonplace. City dwellers can be easily embarrassed by having an older car, a small television, a job that pays less than one’s friends or relatives, clothes that don’t make a statement, less exciting vacation plans, etc. As the economies slow down, how could normal city people revert to feeling that they need fewer luxuries? Does knowing more about the newest stuff really make one better?


  • Living on a farm gives you discipline and values plus a healthy environment to live in.
  • Living in the city is a bit more hectic as life is always running at a fast pace especially if you are career oriented.
  • The temptation material things have on us play out greater on the population of people living in the city as opposed to those who live on a farm.
  • The lifestyle experienced on a farm gives one the benefit of acquiring quality family values whereas in the city, extra effort is needed to learn and keep good family values in the face of many external pressures.

Funny Tribute to Farm Living and City Life

Which lifestyle leads to a longer life?
  • Living on a Farm
  • Living in the City

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  • tds . 3+ yrs. ago

You obviously know very little about rural living.

  • Leslie . 3+ yrs. ago

Not true! She knows a lot it seems

  • angela . 3+ yrs. ago

you are very right and i completely agree!! i grew up and lived in the city, i now liveon a farm and i am much happy than i ever was in the city. my family is now stronger and have tighter bonds now that we moved to the counrty than we did in the city. i used to worry about what and where i was buying my clothes and if my car was new and stylish. i now drive a car as old as i am, i dont care that it has dirt and dust from the gravel roads all over it, i used to think that would be completely embarasing! now i have other things to think or worry about. i eat better because we live on a farm. we no longer eat the meat from the store thats pumped full of hormones, chemicals and steroids, i now eat healthier and feel better because of it.

  • Marie Moore . 3+ yrs. ago

The city is way better than living on a farm. I was born and raised in the city and I can't imagine my life without it. I went to amazing schools, met a variety of people throughout my life, and always had great opportunities for my future. I can't see living on a farm. Everything is so far away, and what is there to do? Feed the cows? I can't imagine growing up and not going out to the mall with all my girlfriends, or going to the movies and out to eat with my friends. The city is where you learn life long lessons and find your true self.

  • Jason . 3+ yrs. ago

Marie my dear, sorry to say but both tds and angela have it right on. I know this as I have experienced all 4 lifestyles, (yes, 4) inner-city, suburban, semi-rural and rural and honestly, rural and semi-rural are the healthiest. I grew us in the burbs, then moved to semi-rural (which means "technically in city limits of a small town with actual rural areas").

I have lived it, and honestly I was one town away (where I wanted to move) that was not metropolitan but was still on I-94 (monticello, MN), and I could still live out in the good clean, almost non existant crime rate area, yet be in the heart of downtown minneapolis/st.paul in 15-20 minutes as the town had direct freeway access. I however was in Buffalo, MN, the next town south and yes, it was kinda boring but I still could goto the cities freely and returning was easier and quicker by far, hardly any traffic, so before you say city life is so great, think about that next time in rush hour, while you got people riding your bumper and hitting the brakes.

I like the city too, grew up there, but really, like the article states, the city is all materialistic anyways, and we had more stuff in the country that I bet you wouldn't even realize. It's not as out in the middle of nowhere as you'd think.

I know, I lived it. I moved back to the near city burbs, and honestly, not by my choice.

  • crystal . 3+ yrs. ago

thefarm is the best because the city is polluted and the farm gives you a tighter bond with you family

  • betty . 3+ yrs. ago

Living on a farm - cleaner air to breathe,peacful,-not congested,can grow/raise your own food,make your own clothes,breads,art,animals can run free, less restrictions-if any. You are one with nature,the moon/stars are something great to see at night,country life teaches you how to survive; gives you the tools to learn,grow,achieve all. Do not need a telephone,mall,people--you learn to rely on yourself--you -not anyone else.Question is; can you city folks --if you had to-- could you survive in the country??? I can-really!!!!

  • zoey . 3+ yrs. ago

lamos every body

  • Kenneth . 3+ yrs. ago

I love the city to visit. But being on a farm is amazing. The bond you get to have with your kids and animals is amazing. Watching them love and take care of the animals is something I would never change. There is no crime, it is quiet and peaceful. A healthier lifestyle for sure. That's just my opinion!

  • eman qamar . 3+ yrs. ago

farm is amazing

  • Leslie . 3+ yrs. ago

The Farm is the best place you want to live at. Sure the city is great too(i love shopping) but its not the same as the farm life. In the farm you have fresh air, never ending space, and.....ANIMALS!! I personaly love horses, they are the best companions you could ever have. I have 8 of them, my favorite is Joey(he 56 days old) i love him so much!! I named him Joey because of the book/movie "Warhorse" (best book ever!) he looks exactly like the Joey in the movie.

Well i think thats it thanks guys! AND REMEMBER, VOTE FARM LIFE!!!!

  • someone on earth . 3+ yrs. ago

everyone has their own opinion you cant judge them.

  • ENM . October 2021

I was born in farm. However, when I was 7, my family moved to the city so my siblings and I can study and get closer to the school. After finishing the university, I worked for approximately 15 years in the city. At first it was cool and such, but as I move forward in both career and life, everyday is a monotonous process. While going to work, there's traffic, pollution, noise, etc. Repeat. Then pandemic came. So my family has decided to go back to the country farm. This is the moment where I have appreciated everything in it, than while I was young thinking that "someday, I'll leave this place and have a good life in the city". But this isn't true, I wasn't happy in the city. Here in the farm, the simplicity of life, the nature, clean air and visiting the old river and the meadows are priceless. I have been working remotely now from my company for two years since the pandemic. I can still go out and buy things 1-hour away from the farm. I am still informed and enjoying the modern stuffs. There's the big screen on the wall, and I can watch Netflix all night as well. I'm still connected to the modern world via a satellite internet, at the same time enjoying the simplicity of life, nature, clean air, etc., My siblings and my parents are my neighbors, cousins too. And me, here inside a cabin on the hill far from the complex lifestyle in the city.

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