Paula Abdul vs. Ellen DeGeneres

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Difference between Paula Abdul and Ellen DeGeneres

The American Idol series offers audiences excellent hosts from the United States to judge this very sensational and the widely liked program all across the country. One of the judge posts was with Paula Abdul for the first eight seasons from year 2002 to year 2009 when finally it was decided by the officials that Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres were going to sit side by side during the 9th season of American Idol sans Paula Abdul. It was further declared that a contract has been signed by the Ellen to be the judge for the next five seasons of the competition.

Paula Abdul
Ellen DeGeneres

Career Analysis

Paula Abdul started her career as a dancer and choreographer back in the 80’s. She then moved on to singing and released her debut album somewhere in the late 80s. Her career went to the very peak until 2001 when the last of her music albums was launched yet was not welcomed by the market. After this, she was introduced into the American Idol show as the judge.

On the contrary, DeGeneres started her career as a comedian at clubs and small gatherings. Her first debut on a comedy show was in 1986 and she was honored to be the first female comedian to appear on the television in such a show. 2001 marked the boost to her career when she hosted the television broadcast of the Emmy Awards after which she was offered a full time show in 2003 as the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She joined the American Idol judge team in September 2009 while simultaneously hosting her daytime talk show.

Individual Achievements

Both the artists have been very popular in their respective fields for years. DeGeneres had been a host to many of the television series around the world as well as she hosted many of the very renowned and popular award shows around the world. She not only hosted them but also was awarded as being the best host in many of the Emmy Awards. Paula Abdul achieved many milestones in the field of choreography and achieved the Emmy Award for best choreography in 1989 and 1990.

My Favorite

The reason of choosing Paula Abdul as my favorite is because she is well aware of the performing arts drawing on her past experiences choreographing many of the best dances ever seen in the US media. It was due to this reason that she was placed as the judge and it was seen that she used to be very critical in her job while selecting people in the show. DeGeneres seems to be more of a fan of singers/ performers and supportive of their talents, however grand or small. Her critical advice seems to a bit less credible because she doesn’t sing. Ellen is a comforting face to look at, as was Paula, this is possibly her greatest contribution on the show.


DeGeneres and Abdul have been extraordinary in their own fields and performing arts is not a scary proposition to either of them. An overall comparison depicted the following.

  • Paula Abdul is a nice judge apart from the fact that she was not capable of giving constructive criticism to the contestant.
  • DeGeneres had been hosting programs for quite some time now and was more experienced in carrying a show like this in a better way then Abdul could.
  • Ellen never slurs her words, nor does she poke Simon on camera.

Which American Idol judge is better?
  • Paula Abdul
  • Ellen DeGeneres

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