Charlie Sheen vs. Tiger Woods

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Difference between Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods

As we have been groomed to care about the private lives of celebrities, we are bound to sit and compare the bad boys of the lot who have become sensational because of similar bad boy actions. Yes, we have Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods standing in competition with each other we want to determine who has the worst of what we call the Celebrity Gone Wild syndrome. What we do not know is whether it is the fame that makes them do this, the pressure, badly anchored morals or just influences from a bad circle of friends?

Charlie Sheen
Tiger Woods

Who They Are

Charlie Sheen is a well-known actor who has been unusually popular for the comic roles that he entertains us with whereas Tiger Woods is a famous gold standard golfer who has very popular with advertisers and the public for his clean shots and squeaky clean image. The main difference between them is that Sheen has a past record with evidence of bad behavior for some time now whereas Woods has the perfectly clean image of the good boy who does no wrong and is worthy of adulation from kids and serious-minded men alike. Our collective psyche is tragically struck as we were proven wrong as Woods committed this moral low blow (as people take it) and re-opens our eyes to the old adage: Do not judge a book by its cover.

What They Did

Charlie Sheen was actually arrested for threatening his wife’s life and even hitting her. However, this did not come as a surprise to the viewers who know of Charlie Sheen because he was already involved in absurd cases like martial infidelity, domestic violence, drug abuse and other run-ins with the law. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, had a clean record and he is the one who took a harder fall when he cheated on his wife. Yes, even the comparison is absurd in a way, but truly Woods’ issue has had more hype than Sheen ever did.

And The Winner Is

Tiger Woods is the more shocking revelation of the two. The reason for this conclusion is that Sheen has done been linked to many low road actions that the public is not as surprised at his actions. Somehow the public seems to view him a person with real self-control issues and is in need of professional help. Whereas Woods is an athletic golferwho is on top of his game and took in more than double the salary of James Cameron in 2009 through advertisements revenue. The shocking part is that he purposely presented himself as an upstanding guy who deserved the laurels placed upon him. Sure, his transgressions were not illegal but were merely an insult to decency in a world that seems to be running short in the number of decent role models.


  • Because of his past, Charlie Sheen is not seen as a person who commands respect for his morals. His fans are attracted to his comedic talent and his bad boy image made popular at the moment by his bad boy persona on his TV series “Two and a Half Men”.
  • Tiger draws in an immense amount of cash for advertisers. The public is drawn to his downfall and somehow marvels at the way advertisers are backing away from Tiger due to infidelity. His fans don’t want to miss the final tally of how much money he lost due to his loose morals.
  • Both Charlie and Tiger have tarnished images at the moment but are both working to redeem themselves through professional help.
  • Both Charlie and Tiger seem to want to preserve their marriages which is keeping star watchers riveted to these stories – they want to whether their wives will accept them back or not.

Who is the worst cheater?
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Tiger Woods

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  • Ankit Verma . 3+ yrs. ago

You're right there seems to be such a double standard by comparison, since Sheen is getting away with it more. Maybe it's because people tend to hold sports heroes to such a high standard. I guess it's been that way ever since early baseball stars like Mantle, because younger kids look up to them, so if it's tarnished even a teeny bit, sponsors and Middle America distance themselves from it.

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