Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics

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Difference between Marvel Comics and DC Comics

Reading comic books is one of the most popular hobbies of children and adults alike. In reading these super heroes, the readers are brought to a different world wherein there is a never ending battle between good and evil. And because of the advancement in technology in the movie industry, the popularity of these heroes has evolved from colorful paper to the silver screen. At present, the first two comic book publications are still the ones racing for the top spot when it comes to popularity. Marvel comics and DC comics. These two comic book icons have created super heroes that culminate into the culture of America and are in the hearts and souls of each of their readers.

Marvel Comics
DC Comics


DC comics, founded in 1934 by Malcolm-Wheeler Nicholson, were once known as National Allied Publications. Also known as Detective Comics, this publication is one of the largest and popular company which offers comic books to American and international readers alike. DC Comics, together with its long time competitor, Marvel Comics owns 80% of the market share in comic book sales. Marvel Comics, otherwise known as Marvel Publishing, Inc. is an American publishing company that creates fantastic comic books for the young and old. Marvel Comics is owned by Marvel Entertainment, Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Compared to DC comics, the settings and locations of the super heroes in Marvel are in real cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. In 1939, Stan Lee founded Timely Publications, which is known at present as Marvel Comics. In 1950, they changed their name to Atlas Comics. Together with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Marvel Comics became the largest publisher of comic books overcoming its long time rival DC Comics.

Subsidiary Companies

In December 31, 2009, The Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Comics for $4.24 billion. Marvel Entertainment is now owned and managed by Walt Disney. DC Comics is a publishing division of DC Entertainment, Inc. which is a subsidiary company of Warner Bros. Entertainment which is ultimately owned by Time Warner, Inc. DC Comics holds their office at 1700 Broadway, New York, New York. The exclusive distributor of these comic books is the Random House Publications.

First Heroes

Among the first heroes created by DC Comics were the once popular Superman and Batman. Superman, known to the many as the man of steel has the ability to fly, has superhuman strength, speed and ability. He is impervious to all kinds of weaponry and elements except for kryptonite. Batman on the other hand has no superhuman powers but makes use of his parent’s multi-billion dollar company and funds to create sophisticated weapons and gadgets to save Gotham City. Marvel Comics is home to the most popular super hero on the planet – Spiderman. Spiderman possesses superhuman powers, has the ability to crawl up walls, and has the spider-sense which acts as an early warning device.


  • DC comics stand in second place with Marvel Comics grabbing a total of 80% of the market share in comic book sales.
  • Marvel Comics, acquired by The Walt Disney Company, is the largest selling comic book all over the world.
  • DC Comics have Superman and Batman as their first heroes while Marvel Comics has Spider-man, The X-Men and Captain America.

Which comic series is most technologically oriented?
  • Marvel Comics
  • DC Comics

Discuss It: comments 7

  • Guest
  • BryAnime wrote on April 2010

Well, there's alot of info here, but which company do you like better?

  • Guest
  • Scott wrote on April 2010

Spiderman rocks... Superman sucks...

  • Guest
  • Judie wrote on April 2010

Marvel has a far more exciting list of movies and better characters, now that's down to what the critics think? You are backtracking fast my friend. What did the critics think of Catwoman? Or Steel? **** - even Superman Returns? Doesn't matter anyway, the Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, the Punisher, Blade, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four...ALL of these characters have had movies.

The main difference between DC and Marvel heroes is - Marvel could be real, DC not. Marvel thing could happen to you, but DC just cant. Marvel superheroes are in the real world - New York, Canada, Africa.. DC superheroes are in imaginary places - GothamCity, Smallville.. You cant be Superman bcause he was from another planet and he's an alien. You cant be Batman bcause his parents are multi-billionares. But you can always got bitten by a radioactive spider, and u can always hope for some experiment to go wrong and have a mutation on yourself (Spiderman, Xman, Fantastic4, Hulk......). What I want to say, you can always live the dream of Marvel heroes, but you just cant do that with DC..

  • Guest
  • codes wrote on September 2012

not a lot of people lke dc because the heros they have no one noes any of them the biggest heros they have are batman and superman and flash marvels spiderman could top any ov thoes dc people

I love both and think DC should get into the movie business game asap.

I have to say I love dc comics! They aren't doing as we'll as marvel but that has a lot to do with the fact that marvel is now owned by Disney and is doing great in the movie/tv show bussiness which leads to making them more popular in other genres of entertainment as well. There's also the fact that marvel has the avengers movie which puts them into the spotlight. Dc has a justice league movie coming in 2015 and I hope it does well and I think it has a chance if Warner brothers can make it good enough. Anyway they both have great characters and great stories but I definitely prefer DC.

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