Low Fat Diet vs. Low Carb Diet

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Difference between Low Fat Diet and Low Carb Diet

A lot of people don’t understand dieting or eating right, but there is truly a huge difference between every type of diet or way of eating. Low fat and low carb may not sound too different, but they are very different from one another. They each will get results as far as losing weight but they have to be done in different ways be allotted different amounts of time to be successful. They also both require a different way of keeping up with the diet in order to refrain from gaining the weight back.

Low Fat Diet
Low Carb Diet


A low fat or a low carbohydrate diet differ in many ways, but one major way is what foods you do and don’t eat, as well as should or should not eat. When you are on a low fat diet you will tend to eat less pork, sweets, chocolate, beef, butter, aflredo cheese and fast food, of course. A low carbohydrate diet requires eating less bread, crackers, pasta and other things like that. To still be able to eat some carbohydrates many dieters will switch to whole wheat. A huge carb waster is soda and maple syrup or barbecue sauce.

Work Out     

No matter which diet you go on, or a combination of both, working out is very important to stay fit and lose the weight. You will have to partake in some cardio workouts as well as weights if you wish to gain muscle. Some exercises that are good for burning carbs and fat are jogging, brisk walking, bicycle and even the step master. These are all nice cardio exercises that will help you lose weight quickly aside from participating in sports. If you have to work out at home, some things you can do are jog in place, buy an ‘at home’ workout machine, Taebo, and even dancing.


In a short time frame it appears that a low carbohydrate work out makes you burn more fat and it’s true. However, studies recently have shown that within the next few years, those same people gained their weight back and then some. Using a low fat diet does not help one lose as much as soon, but works better over all and these dieters tend to keep it off for years. An individual learns what fats are good and which are bad, also how to control them, thus, giving you stable results where as those who go on a low carbohydrate diet often pig out after only a few months. Overall, the diet which trains people how to eat healthier and to eat food in proper portions wins.


  • A low carbohydrate diet consists of not eating white breads and a less amount of bread, soda, syrup and crackers in general. Where as a low fat diet means less sweets, pork, beef, chocolate and butter.
  • Although they both burn fat and you will lose weight on each diet, the low fat diets are proven to keep the weight off for a longer period of time.
  • A low carbohydrate diet is harder for most people because bread is an every day part of life; a low fat diet is generally harder for people who consume a large amount of sweets daily. 


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  • Joey . 3+ yrs. ago

For long term success, the best diet is a balanced one that you can follow for life. Reduce total calories, use fats sparingly and include many types and colors of vegetables and fruits in small quantities throughout the week. Limit treats to a small amount rarely. And remember that the more calories you burn through exercise, the easier it will be to manage your weight.

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