Blonde vs. Brunette: What's the difference?

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Difference between Blonde and Brunette

It’s amazing but some communities are distinguished by the color of their hair. Brunette community which is also known as the brown hair community holds the second position of the hair color that is most prevalent with the most prevalent hair color in the world being black. Another community that is found to be very attractive is the blonde community which is distinguished by the yellow whitish hair color. More or less both belong to the human world but some factors make them unique in their own ways.


General Features

People with a lower percentage of the dark pigment EUMELANIN results in fair colored hair which is otherwise known as a version of blonde. Various factors can influence the shade of the hair color but in most cases it is found to be yellow whitish color. The distribution of the pigment can make a huge difference in its shade. For instance, someone with very little pigment produces pale blonde hair whereas another with more pigment produces the golden brownish blonde.

Variations in range of hair colors categorized as brown hair can be from an almost black hue to a lighter version of brown. The factor that influences the color of the shade is the quantity of the pigment that is present. The hair strands of a brunette are far thicker than those grown by a blonde. Females with brown hair are known as brunettes whereas males are referred as brunet. This color is mostly prevalent in Indo-Europe areas.


The varieties of the blonde are many that include flaxen that is of light color rather than excess of redness or golden shade. The yellow dyed hair color is referred as the yellow while mostly dyed hair is referred as the platinum blonde. The grayish hazel color of the blonde is known as the sandy blonde. Another very familiar category is that of the light reddish blonde or the rich golden blonde known as the strawberry blonde and the golden blonde respectively.

The vast range of the brunettes comprises of the darkest brown known as the deepest brunette, light chestnut brown, medium brown, light golden brown , light golden reddish brown and lightest brown.


The category of brunettes is typecast as who are stylish, somber and steady. Most men prefer brown hair colored girls as they are considered to be more steady and competent. They are also identified as the independent and intelligent community.

The category of blonde haired women is found to be very attractive by the male community. Overwhelmingly in the cinematic world blondes are preferred by many directors. Since they are also considered as unintelligent, there have been many jokes created which are referred to as the “dumb blonde” jokes.

Does hair color really make any difference? This is a question which will always remain unanswered.


  • Variations in pigment result in various hair colors and shades.
  • While brunettes are considered to be more intelligent and independent, blondes are commonly referred to as dumb blondes.
  • Stereotypes popularized and based on hair color is shallow and superficial.
  • Blonde or brunette, white or black, or any of the many shades included in the great human race are all beautiful. 
  • The one thing that matters the most is the soul of the person.
Which do men prefer?
  • Blonde
  • Brunette

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  • Craig . 3+ yrs. ago

It is simple. Blondes are ****, Brunettes are beautiful. I would date a blonde but marry a brunette.

  • Dick . 3+ yrs. ago

or you can marry a blonde with dark roots ;)

  • Sharon . 3+ yrs. ago

Oh poor ****.

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

Your parents must be pretty cruel, ****.

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