Google Buzz vs. Twitter

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Difference between Google Buzz and Twitter

In the world of micro blogging, Google Buzz maybe the most highly featured tool whereas Twitter falls into the simple featured category. Though for the new users, both forms of social micro blogging may appear to be too complicated or time consuming.

These tools chief objective is make fans, family or friends aware of the user’s minute to minute updated activities. And the latest on this is that they have turned out to be very useful marketing tools.

Google Buzz


The tech savvy and media savvy people have been major contributors to the starting user base of 75 million for Twitter followers. These tools offer the comfort of re-Tweeting with just a click which is considered to be a very useful feature. It is considered as a site with single purpose and is quite user friendly.

In terms of the achievements, the Google Buzz does not lack behind. With this product Google is able to alert the users of Gmail or the web search of Google and they can achieve the target of monetizing through the promotion. To begin with, the base of the Google engine was already a big gain since this product started with user base of 100 million.

Ongoing Success

Being more highly featured than Twitter, Google has the potential of highly skilled technical staff providing Buzz with the ability to grow even faster. No bar on the Buzz posts and blogging by geo location is a plus point as well. It is the world of this search engine that enables is to be positioned better than all other blogging facilities as well.

With Twitter’s plug-in that is connected to social networking sites like Linkedln and Facebook and Word Press blogs, it increases the scope of communications. Bing Twitters is the vertical search channel with the most popular search engine Bing, that lists the Twitter’s tweets.

Mode of Loss

It’s always preferable to understand the negative side of the content as well. A bar on the use of number of characters at the Twitter blog makes it a little looser. It has become a trend using twitter only to update the status as it is carries simple features. The minimalism of the Twitter feature makes it prone to be easily re-computer generated. Due to this fact, it is on the verge of losing its increasing Twitter population.

Google has been able to generate the Google Buzz which was earlier perplexed with the Wave. It has been facing unsuccessful attempts since the day it tried to enter the social networking world with Orkut or Wave. It is not incorporated into Facebook.


Though both these blogging sites have way to go, therefore, we can just approximate the conclusion with this.

  • The simplicity of Twitter has been an advantage but contributes to its disadvantage as well.
  • The initial size of their user base was very impressive but gradually has led to the decrease.
  • An advantage that Google has over Twitter is that it can convert its existing user base.
  • Number of characters limit by Twitter is a big disadvantage.
  • Using the right blogging location is all a matter of preference!


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