Maruti Alto vs. Wagon R vs. Tata Indica : Top Indian Cars

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Difference between Maruti Alto, Wagon R and Tata Indica

In the automobile industry, the car that satisfies all the needs of their clients including such popular features as affordability, comfort, durability maintenance, etc. wins the most fans and, of course, the most profit. Maruti Alto, Wagon R and Tata Indica are three cars fit the bill in that they have been able to satisfy many Indian customers.

Maruti Alto
Tata Indica

In General

The Maruti Alto is a product of Suzuki and is small in appearance. The plus points of the car are its affordability and the economy of the fuel which is quite good. This model was first launched in the year 1979 and since then it has expanded its market to many other countries as well.

On the other hand, the car that was first launched in Japan in the year 1993 and is produced by Suzuki is none other than the Wagon R. Recreation is the meaning of the R in the brand Wagon ®. More or less, the design offers comfort to passengers with lots of space and large windows and with a minimum of space being occupied in the front by the bonnet. It is a pet friendly car as well. It has been also awarded as a best selling car.

Tata Indica which is yet another product from the extensive range of Tata Motors of India is unique in its style and comfort. This particular car is considered to be one of the friendliest car for passengers. The limit to the selling of these cars has not been just placed till India but has also increased its scope in the African and European zone.


Tata Indica offers a huge variety of accessories like power steering, alloy wheels, powerful fog lamps, power windows, tachometer, alloy pedals, night adjustable rear view mirror and many more. Wagon R also has unique set features such as power steering in the LX, LXI, VXI models. This car offers 4 seats with a 5-speed manual transmission.

As far as the Alto is concerned, it has a top speed of around 85 mph and is able to produce maximum power of 47 PS.

Public Response

Tata Indica is preferred by working people whereas Wagon R is turning out to be a family car and the Maruti Alto is known as a couple's car.


People feel sentiment for their cars just as they do for their homes.

  • Wagon R is a passenger friendly, roomy car.
  • Tata Indica is a power-steering enabled car.
  • Maruti Alto has a maximum speed of about 47PS.

All three of these cars is available for a price and has something to offer most of us.

Which car is most reliable?
  • Maruti Alto
  • Wagon R
  • Tata Indica

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I always thought that Tata had made a marketing mistake by comparing the Indica Xeta with a Maruti Alto. The comparison just isn't compatible. I felt comparing the Xeta, Wagon R and Zen Estillo would be more appropriate. Actually the Hyundai Santro should also join the race, but I had a bad experience at the Hyundai dealer, and decided against the Santro, so shouldn't compare on that for the time being. For those thinking of buying a 2nd hand car, you just might be tempted to buy a new car with all the options around.

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  • PROMOD KUMAR wrote on September 2010


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  • Gourab kalita wrote on December 2010

If there is question about highway performance or long journey based on mileage and comfort alto is better than indica or wagon r.alto is very funny to drive within the speed limit of 60 km/h to 100 km/h.

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