Dancing with the Stars vs. So You Think You can Dance

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Difference between Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You can Dance

Watching people compete on the dance floor is always a thrilling sensation for our eyes. It is very entertaining and many times can make your heart stop with their spectacular moves and stunts. Because of the popularity of these competitions, television has made two wonderful shows which cater to dance fans; ABC's ‘Dancing with the Stars' and Fox TV's ‘So You Think You can Dance'. These two television series giants are similar in style, the format, the competition, judges, the awards and prizes they are competing for, the support they get from American fans and the hosts. But what is the outstanding distinction between these two?

Dancing with the Stars
So You Think You can Dance


Dancing with the Stars is hosted by Tom Bergeron. The first impression of the audiences regarding his performance as a host in the show is that he is quite appealing and familiar, but some of the audiences coin him as cheesy when it comes to his antics. As Tom's co-host for the first 9 seasons was the fit and buffed Samantha Harris. People were annoyed by her presence in the show due to her so-called cutting-off attitude. When contestants were responding to questions mid-sentence she would intentionally cut them off for reasons we could not understand. The 2010 season has a new co-host, former show contestant and season 7 winner, Brooke Burke.

So You Think You can Dance' is a TV show hosted by the lovely and long-legged stunner Cat Deeley. This popular UK host admits to the public that she does not have the ability to dance, but in return, her activeness and lively charm makes her a pleasure to see every time we watch her grace the screen. Unfortunately, she usually makes the contestants look very short.


Dancing with the Stars' contestants are judged by the British Len Goodman, always reserved but intelligent; Bruno Tonioli, who is the flamboyant comedian of the group, always taking things to the lighter side; and Carrie Ann Inaba, a former fly-girl, back up dancer and a ballroom dance expert. On the other side, one of the judges for the show ‘So You Think You can Dance' is the executive producer of this show as well as American Idol, Nigel Lythgoe. Aside from his successful career as a hit maker, he is also a choreographer and a trained dancer. This means he knows something about his show and judging. His counterpart judges on the show are the champion ballroom dancer, choreographer, and dance academy owner Mary Murphy. She adds valuable insights to the techniques and the points to be improved by the contestants.  Adam Shankman is also a returning host for the 2010 season.


The ‘star' competitors of ‘Dancing with the Stars' have no professional dancing experience and take part in this show seemingly to add some fire to their careers. On the other hand, contestants of the show ‘So You Think You can Dance' are the ones who are lovely to watch, full of grace and professional dance moves. They seem to be inspired with a dream of beginning a successful careers as dancers.


  • Hosts of ‘Dancing with the Stars' are somewhat unprofessional in their way of speaking with the contestants and their humor. In a competition like this, they should observe and maintain professionalism to a greater degree. All of the contestants bring with them egos that are likely to be bruised by stark criticisms.
  • The host of ‘So You Think You can Dance', though admittedly has no dancing experience, always uses the right words to make the conversation enjoyable and great for audiences.
  • The contestants of ‘Dancing with the Stars' are fun to watch for their nostalgic value but are also categorized as class C and D of dancers, while those in ‘So You Think You can Dance' are listed as A and B class dancers.
Which show is better?
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • So You Think You can Dance

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While it's hard to find fault with reserved but knowledgeable Brit Len Goodman, thickly-accented Bruno Tonioli seems to add more comic relief than valuable critique with his over-the-top non sequitors and risqué innuendo and frankly, it's hard to take former fly-girl and backup dancer Carrie Ann Inaba seriously as a ballroom dance expert.

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