Dog vs. Puppy

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Difference between Dog and Puppy

They say a dog is a man's best friend and this is not a lie! When it comes to dogs, people tend to be very particular about the breed and what they wish their dog to be like. We are not talking about doing somersaults but the general difference: a guard dog or a real friend. Other differences emerge in form of the age of the dog and the question arises: to get a puppy or a grown dog? This decision can be a very difficult one since if you have a house full of children, they probably will use the dog as just another toy to play with and would want a puppy whereas your needs may be different and leaning towards the more practical side.


Making a Decision

When you are shopping for the perfect dog, you see how much training he/she has had or will need before making arrangements to bring your new friend home. It is usually easier for adult dogs to adapt to different environments than it is for puppies because the have the capability to become accustomed to situations easily due to experience. Whereas it is more difficult to train newborn pups and have them fit in comfortably with your arrangements. As it can be difficult training an animal and taming it according to your requirements, it is often better to go for the one that rolls easier with your lifestyle.


Some people have dog training skills or faithfully take their puppies to training sessions. These people are very patient and work long hours to cultivate the ideal canine companion. On the other hand, protecting your family and children from dogs can be a difficult task since many breeds are unpredictably by nature and may even cause harm. In this way adult dogs are a better option since they are trained whereas puppies are not and even with their age, they can have teeth as sharp as a knife! Therefore, if you want the ideal protection for you family, adult dogs can even serve to be better guard dogs in comparison to puppies.


Since it is easier to train older dogs, it is known that they have a longer span of attention than puppies so it very easy to teach them the first few basic commands which come of use throughout their life. Therefore, it is better, easier for you to handle them. As a dog turns two, he passes what we call his teenage years and this means they are past the stage of chewing every piece of furniture or even your newspaper!


It all comes down to whether or not your dog is capable enough to be kept in a family surrounding. Where puppies are cute, getting a dog may be a better option for you due to various reasons that include

  • It is easier to handle them since they are used to acting on commands and therefore will learn how to get along with you.
  • It is mainly all about the training a dog gets. A puppy will have little or no experience at all and may be a constant danger for you and in cases where people are buying dogs for guard, buying an adult dog is the ideal option.

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  • Jeannie . 3+ yrs. ago

Well this is just like comparing a father and a son. A dog is well built, a bit scary and the one who guards on the other hand a puppy is a small, sweet and with whom we play...

  • Danielle . 3+ yrs. ago

i need to know for a compare/contrast prodject at school... :1( ...

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