Eric Schmidt vs. Steve Jobs: Technology Moguls

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Difference between Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs

The two giants, epitome of success are Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs for Google and Apple Inc respectively. If Eric Schmidt turned it for Google, Steve Jobs did the job for Apple. Google and Apple Inc would not have been what they are if it had not been for them. Eric Schmidt is the CEO for Google while Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple Inc. Eric Schmidt was an engineer and a former Board of Director's for Apple Inc while Steve Jobs, an American businessman and the Co-Founder of Apple Inc. He is now a member of Walt Disney's Company.

Early Rise

Eric Schmidt started his career by holding many technical positions in different companies before he moved to Sun Microsystems. Subsequently he became the CEO of Novell. After Novell Schmidt was hired by Google as a Board of Director's and within 4 months of his service he became the CEO of Google.

Though Steve Jobs has been a part in the founding of the Apple but was designated as the CEO at the later stage.  During the same time, he took away John Sculley from Pepsi-Cola by offering him to join in this same organization.


Eric Schmidt responsibility at Google was to look upon daily operations along with its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Later he joined to the board of directors. Then, his resignation had taken place due to the arising competition between Google and Apple.

Steve Jobs has implemented innovations throughout his career in order to build extraordinary technological devices. By focusing on invention as well as business markets he formed a winning combination of products which are both visually magnetic and functionally captivating. 


The success of Erich Schmidt and Steve Jobs can be judged by either their richness or the awards gained. At the initial stage of his achievements, Erich Schmidt was compensated with around $508,763. His beginning career never included any kind of cash inflow from investment in stock or any other options but then at a later stage even without any involvement in the corporate world, he became a millionaire with the share market investments. He's been also included in the list of the rich people. 

While Eric Schmidt had achieved lot of monetary honors, Steve jobs has been presented number of awards that includes the National Medal of Technology, Jefferson Award for public services. His achievements have not come to an end with the awards in fact till date he has been appointed as the most powerful person in the world of business. He has been also considered as an inspiration to all the teenagers in terms of entrepreneurship.


  • The world has been shaped by the technological contributions these icons have brought to the masses. 
  • Even though new technologies are heavily dependent on rare earth resources, people feel they are part of the progression of humanity by owning the newest technologies developed by technology leaders.
  • Normal people look to leaders such as Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs to show us what the future roadmap holds in terms of technology and the integration of intuitive technologies.

Who is smarter?
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Steve Jobs

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