New Zealand vs. Australia

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Difference between New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand and Australia have become increasingly popular destinations for tourists around the world...and for good reason. Virtually isolated from the rest of the world geographically speaking, this lack of connection makes for some interesting flora and fauna that you would never see anywhere else. Add to that the stunning natural attractions that serve as a beguiling backdrop to the lush and varied animal and plant life, New Zealand and Australia are vacation destinations like no other. This comparison outlines some of their more notable attributes, helping you decide which one is more to your liking.

New Zealand

Getting There, Getting Around

Travel to New Zealand is typically done by plane, although there are also numerous cruise ships that ply the Auckland route. There are also several flights to various countries in the South Pacific, among them, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and the Cook Islands.

Interestingly enough, it is often cheaper to fly than drive or travel by train when going to and for the North and South Islands. New Zealand roads are also particularly friendly toward bikers.

All nationalities-with the exception of New Zealanders- require a visa for entry into Australia. Although a visa is not required for stopovers shorter than eight hours, it is still a good idea to get a visa in advance. The country also has an extensive network of roads and highways so traveling by car is a great way to get around.

Things To Do

New Zealand is an amazingly diverse country geographically speaking, so most of the activities are naturally geared towered the outdoors. Here you can enjoy activities such as diving, fishing, and horse trekking amidst the backdrop of the country's natural beauty.

As for Australia, this is the place where you can find animals and plants that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world. Wildlife parks and zoos are abundant in all the major cities, and there are even scores of smaller animal parks all over the country. In addition, you may also take in a host of other pursuits such as swimming, scuba diving, surfing, skiing, and even gambling.

What To Eat

Food is definitely not a problem in New Zealand, with its diverse array of options in food establishments. International fast food chains are in abundance, as are local diners, cafes and stalls that specialize in inexpensive meals.

Eating out is a way of life in Australia, and this is apparent in the abundance of restaurants of all types. Pubs are also part of the Australian tradition, and they are great placers to get some food and a drink while taking in the local color.


New Zealand

  • Can be reached by plane or boat
  • Numerous flights to other countries such as Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and the Cook Islands.
  • It is often cheaper to fly around the country than to travel by land
  • Excellent roads for biking
  • Numerous bus routes
  • Favorable roads for driving
  • Plenty of places to eat


  • Aside from New Zealand residents, all travelers are required to have a visa
  • Populated areas are spaced great distances apart
  • Excellent road and highway system
  • Numerous sights, attractions, plants and wildlife unique to the country
  • Eating out is a way of life so there is a wealth of restaurants everywhere

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