Subway vs. Quiznos

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Difference between Subway and Quiznos

Let's take a look at two of the most highly popular fast food chains in America; Subway and Quiznos. They are both highly competitive to each other, very much like McDonald's to Burger King and Wendy's. We are going to take a look at the two warring franchises and see what the differences and similarities are. They have been battling to achieve quality and freshness providing a better value for their customers.  If you wander into each of the shops to test the theory of who provides the better sub as the inviting aromas of each will compel you to feast on their subs.


Price Wise

Most of Subway's featured sandwiches cost generally around $2.59 to $3.00 for a 6" sub and for their foot longs generally costs $2.20 extra sometimes reaching a price of almost $7.00.  Quiznos offers their subs at $3.49-$5 for their 6" subs and their foot longs will expand to an extra dollar for a 9" and $5.49 through up to $8.00 for a 12 inch sub.  Generally, Subway offer their tasty subs at a cheaper price than Quiznos and they both are around the same price for a select few subs.  Subway wins the battle by offering their subs at a substantially lower price than Quiznos but Quiznos offer a size of 9" inch subs and Subway only has half-footers and foot-longs.

Taste and Visible Appeal

No doubt, when you walk into each of the stores, there is an inviting smell that compels your hunger.  Especially when the smell of freshly roasted beef and steak hits your smelling senses.  Both stores offer the same main courses of subs but which is better?  When you walk into Quiznos and order yourself a Prime Rib and Peppercorn sub, you will notice that the sub is leaking meat with luscious sweet sauce between toasted sesame s bread. 

The Subway Prime Rib Sub has a mixture of colors with the onions, green peppers and lettuce protruding from the sides of the chosen bread.  Quiznos Tuskan Turkey sandwich that costs $4.39, is sandwiched between Parmesan Rolls and in between, there is the taste of cold turkey and small pieces of turkey slices.  It sports little red pepper sauce and it is acceptable, but not worth rushing back for.  The Subway Turkey Breast sandwich costs $3.59 and has better flavor that the bread is regular but it is slam-packed with flavors and ingredients that the bread is the least of your worries. 


  • Kudos to these two sub restaurants who will always be battling for the best sub.
  • In my opinion, Subway is one step ahead of Quiznos.
  • They are both the gatekeepers of fantastic subs and offer a large array of choices in which to individually apply special ingredients. They are both accommodating to customer satisfaction, needs and wants, but it seems that Subway is the best out of the two.

I have visited both Subway and Quiznos and I tried to give them a fair analysis. By my estimation Subway has the cheaper and better tasting subs.


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