Transsexuals vs. Transvestites

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Difference between Transsexuals and Transvestites

In the beginning, God created men and women. This was supposed to be the rule of the world, where only two sexes are walking under God's blue heavens. But as time goes by, a lot of changes happen in men's personality and puberty. The confusion leads to being what they are made for, becoming gay. And this has given birth to two different bisexual conditions called transsexualism and transvestism. Though these conditions are not traced to present times, there have been a lot of issues and a lot of debates that have been triggered because of the evolution of these so-called third sexes.


Transsexualism, otherwise known as bisexualism, is an uncommon condition for humans wherein they identify themselves belonging to the sex opposite their own. It can be traced to people who feel discomfort due to his or her eagerness to be part of the opposite sex and gives them the confusion. This resulted for them to be infatuated or have interest with people which belongs with the same sex, and has been popular in the early years especially in the West, especially with the revolution of sexual transplants and surgeries have emerged. At present, the third sex remains to be controversial and has been debated over and over by politicians and religions. Transvestism on the other hand is called transvestites or cross dressers. They interest in the wearing of clothes of the opposite sex.


Transsexual, or the state of being bisexual, is reported to have the biggest impact in terms of gender identity disorder. People who are transsexual undergo surgery for change of sexes in order for them to satisfy their need to fit the opposite sex. They are often termed as two-spirited people and sometimes termed as a woman's soul trapped inside the body of a man or a man's soul trapped inside the body of a woman. Transvestites on the other hand are not as severe as the condition of transsexuals who go all the way. These transvestites just dress like the opposite sex. Conclusively, it can be noted that transsexuals are cross dressers as well, and transvestites are just wearing clothes of the opposite sex but have not undergone any sexual transplants.


Transsexuals have a need to fit in with the opposite sex, hence the drive to undergo surgery and replace their genitals and their bodies similar to that of the opposite sex. Transvestites on the other hand just dress up like the opposite sex for various reasons like looking like the opposite sex, private enjoyment, entertainment of self and other people and making a statement about a particular gender.


  • Transsexuals are people who have severe gender identity disorder that drives them to undergo painful operations in order to change their sexes to that of the opposite.
  • Transvestites have the urge to fit into the opposite sex, hence their drive to dress up like them.
  • Both Transsexuals and transvestites are termed as bisexuals or members of the third sex, which has been an issue to majority of people and countries around the world, including politicians and religious figures.
  • Transvestites are way better than transsexuals because of their prevailing respect for their true gender.

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