Werewolves vs. Vampires

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Difference between Werewolves and Vampires

With the hype that media and books have given to these mythical creatures, werewolves and vampires have taken the lead in the supernatural-horror-fantasy genre. Especially with book such as Twilight and New Moon becoming a global hits, the competition to take sides with a favorite ghoul has begun. The competition is tough as we have pitted "Team Werewolf" against "Team Vampire". The two fantasies are held up against each other and the battle of becoming the more popular has officially begun.


What They Are

The werewolf syndrome physically manifests in an excess of hair on the body and face, except the palms and soles, and it is believed to occur at birth. It is said to be a genetic change that involves chromosome 22 and another mutation that has not been identified yet. Whereas vampires are a pure creation of folkloric assumptions that feeds on living creature's blood. Both creatures are mere myths and nothing more and no such creatures exist today.

The Beliefs

Werewolves are believed to be shape shifters due to either effects of a curse or their own choice. People even believe that a full moon triggers this change and from there, writers, poets and others started to use this theory of transformation. However, as vampires were believed to subsist on the blood of living beings, they caused death and harm to their victims or sources of energy. Vampires are mostly mysterious creatures that are believed to be seen only at night, initially, but today their image has revolved around and begun to be seen as the heroes of movies coming out in seemingly broad day light. Times are changing and so have the tastes of the movie public. Fans let themselves get involved in the publicity of the changes in time for these characters and the transformation of these characters in subtle ways even though they are said to have existed for centuries.

The Hype

Although there are real life cultures that mention the authenticity of werewolves, vampires are just a creation of the imagination yet are still more popular. Recent series such as Twilight have portrayed this mythical creature as the perfect must-want accessory that somehow every girl should have- romance included. Werewolves have become a common make-believe myth whereas vampires are seen to be the dangerous, mystifying creatures that make your adrenaline pump faster! The enthusiasm is evident in one of these myths and people are giving in to the world that the writers and directors have created for them.


Where there are more chances of the myth of the werewolf being true, the vampires take the lead by miles. Myths abound and have excited the world's audiences. Team vampire has taken over the curiosity of more of the masses due to the following reasons:

  • Everyone likes excitement and vampires portray the best fantasy anyone could get. Immortality is a game that the farsighted, imaginative see and vampires are portraying just about everything of this flight of the imagination.
  • Where werewolves are not seen as the ‘bad-guys' the recent hype that the media gave to these fictional characters, vampires are seen as the ultimate romantic heroes that every girl, or should we say "Bella", must have.
Who would win?
  • Werewolves
  • Vampires

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  • Robin . 3+ yrs. ago

Gooood question, one I have thought about often. It's a pretty even match I think. The Vampire's speed and agility vs the Werewolf's sheer muscle and agression. Vampires are good at stealth mode, Werewolves just tear 'em up.

I vote for the Wolf in a full-out hand-to-hand.

  • Boris . 3+ yrs. ago

Werewolves can heal rapidly. Arguably, werewolves are stronger than most vampires. Arguably, werewolves are faster at running because of their four legs and have greater stamina. (Bear in mind, in the Twilight series, Jacob's clan is a weak clan. They are other clans much older and stronger.) They can talk to one another telepathically. They have a sense of smell so great, they can track someone from miles. They have great insticts. They can free style off walls at ease in human form. They are strong enough already in human form and their skin is extremely hard. Their claws and bites can pierce through the hardest substance, Vampires skin, at ease. They can evolve to a stronger form if they are really being threatened. They do not need to drink blood to live. They do not need to hide in the sunlight. They do not age so long as they transform regurly. They stick together and look after each other. They can imprint and have as many babies as they want. They can be as human as they want.

Clearly werewolves win every time.

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

I'm a werewolf myself, & trust me, no vampire ever came close to beating me. We're the champions!

  • Gookaa . 3+ yrs. ago

I like vampires a lot I believe that there better than werewolfs they have more power GOOO VAMPIRES!!! HURRRAAYY

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