NetBook vs. NoteBook

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Difference between Net Book and Note Book

As technology becomes more and more advanced, new electronic devices are emerging every day. It can be really taxing trying to keep up with all this new technology. A couple of these technological marvels are Net Books and Notebooks. People think that these terms are interchangeable and that these devices are basically the same. Not true at all. These devices are similar yet have different functions and are designed for people with different needs. To break it down simply, Notebooks are basically personal computers in a portable package. While, Net Books are simple computers, designed to surf the net and work with instant messaging and video messaging software.

Primary Functions

To break it down in more detail, Net Books are basically designed for people who just prefer to surf the Internet and need a simple computer which has some pre-loaded instant messenger software(s). While a Notebook are full blown personal computers, which are portable. You are limited in what software(s) you can install in a Net Book, while you can install anything on a Notebook, that's available for your home PC.

Size and Price

Notebooks range anywhere from 13 inch screen size to a whopping 17 inch screen size formats. It all depends on your preference. In addition, Notebooks tend to be more expensive then Net Books, since they are fully equipped as personal computers and have much more powerful specs than a Net Book, Notebooks are capable of running at higher processing speeds, and are capable of multitasking. While Net Books have some basic functions, their size is a lot smaller; Net Books can range from a screen size of 5 inches to 10 inches. Net Books are quite cheap when compared to Notebooks, since they come with basic specs and functionality.  

Portability and Battery Life

When it comes to portability, Net Books take the cake.  You can easily fit an average Net Book into a women's purse. You can take it with you anywhere, for example: you can take your Net Book to the mall and surf the Internet, while you're snacking on a burger. You can easily take your Net Book on a road trip and surf the Internet via Wimax broadband, since Net Books tend to have better battery life and consume less energy. On the other hand, Notebooks are less portable, since they are significantly larger then Net Books on average. You will need to carry your Notebook in a Notebook bag, which can be a pain to carry around, In addition, Notebooks consume more power and will run of battery sooner than Net Books.

Similarities and Differences

  • Net Books are great for surfing the net, and chatting on instant messaging software(s) but can't perform like actual PCs
  • Net Books are smaller than Notebooks and cost significantly less and vice versa.
  • Net Books are great for people on the go, since they offer better battery life and are significantly smaller than Notebooks. Although Notebooks are also portable, they are quite large to carry around for everyday use, but Notebook portability works best for IT professionals.
Which one you would buy?
  • Net Book
  • Note Book

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