Golden Globe Awards vs. Academy Awards

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Difference between Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards

The biggest stars in today's international film industry truly deserve to be given recognition and need to be acknowledged for the incredible works they create and the immense contribution they give to the entertainment world. There are different actors and actresses, film directors, screen writers and even the people behind movies' musical scores who should be identified and applauded for their unique involvement to the world of film-making.

Two of the most prestigious awards are the Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards or what we know as the Oscars. Both accolades originate from the United States of America, but these awards are not confined to Hollywood works and their creators-rather, they are also being given out annually to selected foreign films that have proven to be outstanding and special.

Golden Globe Awards
Academy Awards


The Golden Globe Awards began in the year 1944, and was launched by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of journalists and film critics from the United States and other parts of the world. It was created with the aim to give recognition to filmmakers, actors and other people in the film industry who have supposedly uplifted the entertainment industry with their works.

The Oscars was first held in the year 1929, and has ever since been presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This academy, which is dedicated to finding ways to make the American and international film industry better, was founded by Louis Burt Mayer, a film producer who came from the media company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Worldwide Anticipation

Both award bodies have been popularized not just in the States, but also continue to dominate the television screens of households and establishments every year when they are held. Although they are held in fancy and prestigious places in the States, they are both broadcasted in over a hundred countries. The Golden Globes have been held the Beverly Hills Hotel and the 20th Century Fox studios, amongst many other locations. The Oscars have been conducted in different spots annually such as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Kodak Theater.

The Oscars rank as the most anticipated and most watched awards show worldwide; while the Golden Globes rank as the third, with the music award Grammys coming in second.


While the Golden Globe awards focus on motion pictures, television shows and basically all forms of visual media, the Oscars revolve mainly around only film and film production. The Golden Globe awards are shown in the United States live in the East Coast, but delayed in other parts of the country, while the Oscars are usually televised live. There is also no regular host for the Golden Globes.

The Academy Awards is popularly distinguished because of its statuette, the Oscar, a gold-plated knight standing on a film reel.

Similarities and Differences

  • Both award bodies originate in the United States but are shown all over the world.
  • The Oscars was first organized in 1929, making it 15 years older than the Golden Globe awards which started in 1944.
  • The Golden Globe awards focus on all visual media, while the Academy Awards are concentrated on films.
Which is the best award show?
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • Academy Awards

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