Bose vs. Onkyo

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Difference between Bose and Onkyo

Audio equipment are important components in building one's home these days. Technology has made it easy for us to be able to enjoy different forms of audio visual entertainment in the comfort of our own homes, and audio equipment of supreme quality and superior reputation matters a lot.

These days, there are several brands out in the electronics market which claim to be the best manufacturers of audio equipment such as surround sound systems, CD players, microphones and amplifiers. Two competing brands at the moment are Bose and Onkyo. Let's take a look at both and see which one lives up to its name.



In 1964, Bose Corporation was founded by Amar Gopal Bose, an electronic engineering professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to several anecdotes, this came to be after he purchased extremely expensive audio equipment and was disappointed that it was not as good as he expected it to be. Using his background in electronic engineering, he did extensive research on audio systems and started the company, coming up with the company motto "Better sound through research."

Onkyo Corporation started in September of the year 1946 in Japan, under the initial name Osaka Denki Onkyo. It became the first audio equipment provider that made high speed dubbing and automatic continuous playback available to the consumers.


Many opinions are being raised about the quality of both competing electronic brands. To aid one in deciding which audio equipment to purchase, it might help to know the significant contributions both companies have made to the industry of electronics, particularly in audio equipment. Here are some.

Amar Bose, Bose's founder, pioneered broad research in psychoacoustics, or the perception of human beings to sound. It also offered to consumers something called acoustic wave guide speaker technology, a revolutionary solution to enjoying fuller sound quality all in a simpler, more compact system than that of others.

Onkyo revolutionized the dynamic world of sound and sound creation by creating CD players with optical data transfer and making them readily available in the market, to be purchased by consumers-it was called the Onkyo C700, which came out in the early 1980s.

The Edge

Bose's main edge is that the consistency of quality has been maintained ever since its conception, which probably makes them more popular worldwide than their competitor despite being newer. Onkyo on the other hand, has offered some superb products in the past years but consumers complain of lower build quality, and that newly produced Onkyo speakers even sound differently.

One downfall of Bose, though, may be the fact that many of its items happen to cater to those who have very basic knowledge of handling sound systems. For example, the Bose home theater system can be easily used by practically anyone who will settle for mediocre and automatic sound production. Now the Onkyo sound system is much cheaper, but it caters to the experts and veterans who can actually modify the knobs to use the system to their fullest advantage.

Similarities and Differences

Bose was established in the year 1964, while Onkyo in the year 1946.

  • Bose pioneered research on psychoacoustics, while Onkyo delivered innovative products such as the first ever CD player to be released to public.
  • Bose is pricier than Onkyo.
Which one produces better sound quality?
  • Bose
  • Onkyo

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Pls pls stay away from Bose - it's highly overpriced and purposely distorted to grab a listener's attention for the first 10 minutes. But over the long term, it will sound fatiquing and unsatisfying. Just ask any audiophile. An all in one from Denon / Panasonic / etc. will sound better. Those small little Bose speaker cubes are really cheap - pick one up and you will realize that they use really cheap drivers by their weight and the cheap plastic enclosures.

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