Salt vs. Iodized Salt vs. Sea Salt

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Difference between Salt, Iodized Salt and Sea Salt

Salt has various uses in many forms out of which environmental uses can be included. Our bodies depend on salt resources in order to survive. However, can salt be used in a variety of ways around your residence as a more environmentally pleasant substitute to harsher artificial chemicals. Being so abundant, it comes at a very cheap price so you can save a bundle of cash as a bonus. Where you may know salt as just being a taste enhancer, it serves other purposes such as being a mildew remover, oven stains remover, filling plaster holes, as a body exfoliant and as a garbage disposal cleaner. Salt comes in a variety of types such as iodized salt, sea salt and normal table salt.

Sea Salt

Their Functions

Salt is very important for the body as it lowers the excess acidity from the body's cells including the brain. It also balances your sugar levels and is therefore important for those who are diabetic. Iodized serves the purpose of restricting the occurrence of cretinism whereas sea salt encourages energy produced by way of hormones as it improves digestion. Salt has many forms and comes in many types. You should know which type of salt is right for your uses.

The Problem

Even though the amount of sodium chloride is the same in table salt and sea salt, ordinary salt is extracted from underground salt dumps and therefore undergoes heavy processes to exclude any trace of mineral in it. Even sea salt is processed to remove any seawater or minerals and other elements in it but still contains minute amounts of naturally occurring iodine. Iodized salt on the other hand, causes high blood pressure and is not really suitable for consumption by the masses. Make sure you know which type of salt you are eating.

Finding the Best

When choosing the right salt, you can either go for table salt as a safe option or sea salt because iodized salt is not the best option for your body. Sea salt is the best option to go for since it stabilizes irregular heartbeat and regulates blood pressure. Sea salt also searches for harmful sodium in the body and eliminates it. The benefits of using sea salt far outweigh other options, and after all, the taste is the same and it performs the same in recipes.

Similarities and Differences

Where salt is an everyday food product, we should always be careful regarding our choices since the wrong choice could be lethal. When it comes to comparing sea salt, iodized salt and table salt, sea salt wins the most votes because:

  • It helps your body stay in shape as it lets you maintain your blood pressure level and helps to get rid of any form of sodium that is available in the body and may be harmful to it.
  • It helps in proper digestion, and helps maintain proper hormone levels.

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  • Gary . 3+ yrs. ago

Am I correct to conclude from this article that salts other than iodized salt does not cause high blood pressure? "Iodized salt on the other hand, causes high blood pressure and is not really suitable for consumption by the masses."

  • Stacy Lin . 3+ yrs. ago

Iodized salt only causes high blood pressure for those who already has normal level of iodine within their body.

It will not cause high blood pressure for those suffering from iodine deficiency. That's why government manufactures both kinds of salt for the people with different needs.

  • K. Rangarajan . 3+ yrs. ago

If iodised salt results in high blood pressure, then why is it being blinndly being recommended by all agencies, including the Govt. Proper education is certainly needed. I feel that even the So - called educated lot have still not understood the concept.

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