Wind Power vs. Solar Power

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Difference between Wind Power and Solar Power

As you know fossil fuel reserves prices are going higher day by day and the world is now falling short of fossil fuels. Therefore we must think about the alternative resources of energy. Secondly, another reason to switch to alternative resources is that fossil fuels are a driving force in global warming and pollution. It's our responsibility to take care of the green environment so we should investigate the alternatives that are environment friendly and can easily be applied. Let's discuss other resource options, namely solar power and the wind power.

Wind Power
Solar Power

Alternative Energy Production

Solar power and wind power are among those resources that are natural resources; available almost all the time and to everyone and you do not pay for these. Secondly these have a very slight affect on the environment as compared to the other common sources of energy. Though the sun will not provide energy at night and wind may not be blowing all the time, there is a way you can store the energy for later use.  

These resources are not only beneficial for the environment but they will also help in reducing your electricity bills considerably. So think about generating power of your own at homes.

Installation and Benefits

These alternatives are easy to install, in fact, you can sometimes install yourself with the help of Do It Yourself Guides. Secondly, maintenance expense aren't cost prohibitive. You just need to invest money at the beginning and then you can enjoy much of the benefits and as you may become free from the power bills and taxes you normally pay using fossil fuel driven power sources.  

Most Efficient Energy

If we compare the efficiency of both powers then we can say that solar power is more efficient than wind power due to few reasons:

  • To produce electricity, there is a need for a specific level of speed of wind that can move the turbine but usually in most areas the speed of wind is not that strong whereas the solar power can generate electricity with even minimal sunlight.
  • Wind Generating Systems installation is expensive as compared to Solar Systems.
  • Wind Generating Systems require much larger space than Solar Systems that make them difficult to be installed at residential level.

Though wind power is not as powerful as solar power it still perform great in some windy places.

Similarities and Differences

In end we can say that these alternatives must be given a thought as it's a very critical time for our earth.

  • Scientists are predicting that oil, coal and other fuels are going to be depleted in a few decades
  • Increasing pollution is also a big threat for our earth so there must be some alternatives chosen as soon as possible. Solar and wind powers are the ones that can be used by everyone and people can feel as if they are participating in saving the world.
Which power source is greener?
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power

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