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Difference between Asian, South Asian and South East Asian

Asian culture is the aggregate of cultural legacy for many ethnic groups, religions, societies, and nationalities in this region. The various cultural sub regions in this region are: Asian, South Asian, and the South East Asian. The important aspects of the Asian culture are: literature, cuisine, music, and Asian art. The same goes well with South Asian and South East Asian, except that the South Asian and South Asian art are practiced here. Let us now proceed to go through the differences of each one of them like: what sort of music, dance, and martial arts culture is followed in each of these regions.   

South Asian


Asian music includes several different musical-styles which originate from many Asian countries. Whereas South Asian musical style encompasses: Sri Lankan music, Pakistani music, Indian music, Bangladesh music, and Asian Underground.

The Asian Underground music is a blend of Asian music with western-underground dance-music. Indian music encompasses several varieties of R&B, classical music, pop, popular, and folk. Pakistani music includes different elements that range from the music from several South Asian parts. On the other hand, South East Asian musical style includes: Philippines music, Thailand, music, Malaysian music and Indonesia music. Malaysian music is the influential factor of Thai and Indonesia forms along with the enclosure of styles of China and Portuguese.   


The Asiandance cultures include dance which vary from one island to the other. In South Asian region, particularly in Punjab regions of Pakistan and India, ‘bhangra dance' is very well-known as the harvest dance. The dance styles followed in the South Asian region are as listed here: filmi, bollywood, Kuchipudi, Kalarai, Kathakali, Kandyan dance, Mohini Attam, Odissi, Kathak, and Bharata Natyam. In the South East Asian region, dance is considered as the vital part of culture which encompasses courtly dance and celebration dance.

Martial Arts

Asian martial arts includes: Pradal Serey, Khmer traditional-wrestling, kbachkun Dambong-veng, kbachkun boraan, and bokator. South Asian martial arts encompasses: Thang-Ta, Silambam, Sarit Sarak, Mukna, Musti yuddha, malla-yuddha, and many more. The South East Asian martial arts are: Sindo, Seong Kuntao, and Bando Thaing. For Sindo martial art, practitioners make use of weapons likee: swords, knives, sticks, and spears. Seong Kuntao is a hybrid-martial-art with Indonesian and Chinese influences, thereby, they are called as ‘Indonesian feet and Chinese hand'. Bando Thaing form of martial art is not followed often since they have got several rave reviews which has link with crimes happening within that region.    

The maximum number of martial arts is found in the South Asian region.

Similarities and Differences

  • Asian culture is the aggregation of cultural legacies of several societies and nationalities within that region. Asia being the vast continent is sub divided into several sub regions like: South Asia and the South East Asia, each of which have diversified cultural aspects.
  • Getting to know more closely about the musical, dance and martial culture in Asia, one can be completely aware of which one is the best in which region.
  • Finally, martial arts are the most prominent ones in all of these regions, but maximum number of martial arts could be found in the South Asian region.
Which region has the most elaborate temple complexes?
  • Asian
  • South Asian
  • South East Asian

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