Toyota vs. Honda

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Difference between Toyota and Honda

Toyota vs. Honda has been an ongoing battle for almost 6 decades.  Both of these Japanese brands are trying their utmost to get the best out of limited resources. Both the companies try to make their utmost to achieve the top position in the range of products that they have come up with until now.


Background of Competition

Toyota came into formation in 1937 while Honda came into being in 1948 and that marks the remarkable competition. Toyota is the world's largest Automaker in terms of sales now, while Honda is the sixth largest automobile maker in the world. Honda has the distinction of having launched the first luxury brand from Japan in form of Acura back in 1986. Toyota also owns Lexus and Scion brands as well as being a significant shareholder of Daihatsu and Hino Motors.


Both companies have a wide range of products for people with different needs. Mini classified cars to a wide range of SUV and MPV. Toyota Century Royal is the official state car of the current emperor of Japan. Camry is the Toyota product that is in active competition with Honda Accord and Acura that are all executive luxury cars.

Both Honda and Toyota are making eco-friendly vehicles and are also working on the projects that can use alternative forms of energy instead of fossil fuels. Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are their respective vehicles that work on Hybrid Electric technology.

One thing that Honda is currently working on is developing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. Honda FCX Clarity is the vehicle that is using that fuel cell technology.

Financial Matters

Toyota has market revenue of $ 208.995 billion with an operating income of $4.69 billion. Honda on the other hand has revenue of $120.27 billion with the operating income of $2.34 billion. The 2009 statistics from United States depict the sales position of both Honda and Toyota. 1,770,149 of Toyota vehicles were used in United States while 1,150,784 of Honda vehicles were used around the United States.

Similarities and Differences

The product lineup of both Honda and Toyota tend to entertain people from all walks of life. In contrast of both of these brands, the following needs to be looked into.

  • Honda is making more user friendly as well as economic friendly cars for a price tag that is little higher then Toyota.
  • The automobile team at Honda is trying to develop alternate fuel cars in order to limit the dependence of people on the fossil fuels.
  • Honda is also catering road and pedestrian safety programs in addition to the passenger safety only.
  • Initiatives that have taken by Honda are more numerous than those taken by Toyota.

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  • Michelle . 3+ yrs. ago

The Honda versus Toyota war is a never-ending debate because both vehicle makes are quite popular amongst individuals. Selection of a particular make usually boils down to personal preference.

When a person selects a particular "Make" of vehicle, it is usually based on that particular vehicle "Make" reputation or in some instances the model under a particular make. However vehicle "Make" reputation is usually based on Exterior looks, Performance, Reliability and Economics (generally speaking).

  • Rama Katta . 3+ yrs. ago

I would like to add one more difference:

A new survey by Consumer Reports shows that Honda currently enjoys the most brand loyalty, with 68% of current owners.

Toyota slipped to 57%.

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