Karate vs. Kung Fu vs. Judo

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Difference between Karate, Kung Fu and Judo

When some people hear the words ‘martial arts' they immediately think of destruction. Today, this is not the case anymore. Numerous self-defense techniques that are being taught all over the world for pleasure, or as a form of exercise. These are sources of entertainment in a way and parents are now encouraging their kids learning these sports. Various forms of self-defense include Karate, Kung Fu and Judo. These techniques evolve from one root martial are and are just given various forms and styles to define themselves as different. These techniques help can add value to a person in the longer run by stabilizing bodily movements, finding ones center and also teaches social etiquette.


Their Distinctiveness

In kung fu, you have various forms and movements that are more inclined towards circular methods that mainly concern the hands. This gives a coherent flow of movements and the person looks visually appealing as he looks graceful. Judo, on the other hand is a refined form of jujutsu that is the oldest fighting art of history. Karate has very little to do with blocking and attacking. In fact, it is taught to disarm your opponent and wound them!

What They Are All About

North Americans refer to karate as ‘hard' techniques where as kungfu as ‘soft' techniques. This did not incline towards the fact that karate had more martial arts in it than kung fu or judo. These three styles of martial arts are only present to teach physical, mental and social attribute to an individual and these can serve to be life-long lessons. Serving as a base layer of fulfillment, success and happiness, these methods are not intended to ruin a child's psyche but to make them stronger and more determined adding confidence with it.

Why One Should Learn Them

These types of trainings can help a person learn about integrity, self-discipline, honor and respect as you learn to be expressive through other means than being violent. You can gain benefits that affect your social life and your personal one where family is involved as you can become more independent by learning either these techniques in your own space. Unbelievably, you even bond with your families by the help of these techniques as they teach you various virtues.

Similarities and Differences

You may think that either one of these methods is superior to the other, your conclusion is wrong. The fact remains that these different techniques serve in different areas of life and help people at their own level. Martial arts are purely beneficial to every individual as it teaches various aspects and methods that can later be used practically in life. The collective benefits are:

  • Individuals learn self confidence, enhancing the brains ability to read, discipline, strength and physical abilities. 
  • These let you lead your own way socially as you are fully aware of the traits you possess.
  • You can even enjoy these techniques and get involved in competitions if you practice them with good faith. 
  • These competitions are held on every level such as school, colleges and higher levels as well.

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