Influences of Celebrities vs. Influence of Parents

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Difference between Influences of Celebrities and Influence of Parents

Family is the primary institution in the lives of individuals, with mother being the first teacher. Parents influence the life of an individual in multiple ways. The kid looks at the lifestyle of his parents and tries to adapt with them, therefore following everything that he looks at.

Celebrities start to appeal to an individual in teen years mainly while he/she is attracted towards the opposite gender and is overly concerned with feelings that they want to look good. Once they fall into the teenage traps, they look up to celebrities for every minor update from the fashion world in the lust to look good and current.

Influences of Celebrities
Influence of Parents

Celebrity Effect

Celebrities can affect the community in the most constructive ways if they want to. They are aware of their impact on young fans and for good or bad their photographed experiences make an impact on young minds and opinions about which actions are acceptable or cool. The photographic exploitation they participate in is usually portrayed as relating to fashion, art, physical attractiveness and make ups that sets a very odd impression to the young minds.

Celebrity Power

Famous people are followed by many people around the world and followers are sometimes willing to follow them into anything that they are involved with. The impact they leave could be positive and collectively beneficial to the global community. For instance, a movement against smoke emitting vehicles can be initiated by a celebrity. However, this does not happen in all practicality: the influence they usually set forth on young minds is related to looking hot and happening.

The Limiting Factor

Parents can act as the greatest limiting and defining agents of all time. Their mutual relationship in addition to the values they set with their children have a very good impact overall. This can help one in streamlining the child's behaviors and attitudes in every area of life experience, if the parents are willing to communicate openly. Parents' impact on young adults and kids can be more than any other institution once proper time is given to the relationships.

For instance, if the parents' express healthy and balanced values amongst themselves and when dealing with others, this would have a very nice impact on kids with relation to dealing with the opposite gender while celebrities would teach nothing but just to play around with the opposite sex with no regard for emotional injuries and no regard for the example they are setting for their young fans.

Similarities and Differences

While concluding the impact of parents and celebrities, the following claims can be made:

  • Parents being the first influence in a kid's life can affect them in the best possible manner by helping them to develop good personalities full of quality ethical and moral values.
  • Quality time spent with family could balance their self images and lessen the need closely watch what celebrities are doing and the entertainment shows are created to cause hype directed towards famous people.
  • Influence from parents naturally polishes the personalities of kids in broader strokes and never focuses on sharpening physical features exclusively.
  • Parental influence would, in short, bring a man out of the flesh, while the contrary could bring about any number of personality disorders.
Which one influences your choice in friends?
  • Influences of Celebrities
  • Influence of Parents

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