Gemstones vs. Diamonds

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Difference between Gemstones and Diamonds

Gemstones and diamonds might sound similar to many of those out there. Diamond is part of the gemstone group but it is distinguished in the manner in which Diamond is mined out of carbon and is considered to be the king of all gemstones. They are generally unique design and appearance. In addition to that, the diamond gemstone has been a sign of royal taste throughout history. This makes it distinct in multiple aspects.

Gemstones are usually categorized into two classes: the semiprecious and precious ones according to the Ancient Greeks. Other societies have classified them according their own tastes and standards. These stones were not classified as precious in terms of price tag, but instead, what made them precious or semi precious stones was their availability. Any stone that was not easily available was termed as precious ones while the ones more easily available were termed as semi precious stones.



Diamonds can easily be contrasted with the wider class of gemstones as this stone has many distinctions that make it really unique. Diamonds are simple allotropes of Carbon in terms of chemistry. The variation of carbon atoms in the diamond lattice gives it this delicate and beautiful shape. Even though it is such an exotic example of gemstones, diamond is the hardest material known to earth and this feature is used in industry as well. It is said to have been originated from India and as of now, 92% of the diamonds are produced and processed in Surat, India, while 80% of diamonds are sold in New York. India being the major production market and New York being the biggest consumer market.

Other gemstones include ruby, emerald and sapphire in the precious gemstone category and the rest of them being semi precious. These stones are randomly found around the world in different areas but their availability is scarce, therefore, they are termed the precious ones.

Commercial Analysis

Historically, all gemstones were observed with the naked eye for being genuine or not. There was no distinction between the stones as such and the one that seemed more mature in terms of age and looks was priced higher than the one with comparatively less attractiveness. As of now, diamonds are the most expensive gemstones on the planet and are being monitored using a grading system developed by the Gemological Institute of America.


Overall a four C criterion has to be met in order to help customer understand the price tagging of each stone. These four Cs are color, cut, clarity and carat. The more the stone is attractive in color, the more is the price, the less through it is with clouds in between, the more will be the price, the better the carving of the stone will be, the more will be the price tag and last yet not the least, the higher number of carats in a piece, the higher the price.

Similarities and Differences

Diamond is doubtless the king of all gemstones.

  • The strength and attraction that diamond has is unmatchable,
  • Diamonds exotic look define it as a sign of loveliness and this is the reason behind its selection in engagement rings.
  • Royal association makes it a choice of elegant people around the world, giving it another plus point over other gemstones.

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