BMW vs. Mercedes

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Difference between BMW and Mercedes

BMW and Mercedes are two of the world's top car selling brands with their products highly exotic, sexy and fast. Being a car lover, you need to love both these brands in any condition. Both BMW and Mercedes try their utmost to survive through market competition as they are real close competitors in most countries around the world. The product range that they offer is the main reason for this competition. They have a comparative product range for people from all walks of life. One thing that both the brands commonly offer is highly executive and exclusive cars.


Both the Mercedes and Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) are based in Germany. BMW is the parent company of both MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Car Company.  The company started producing automobiles in 1928-29. Before this, the company exclusively produced aircraft. BMW started doing milestones after 1992 when it started to acquire major car producers from around the world.

Mercedes or Mercedes-Benz as it is popularly known to the world today first came into the market in year 1901. The current logo of Mercedes came into the market on 16 August, 1929 and ever since then it is a symbol of quality and elegance.

Product Lineup

The BMW lineup consists of highly elegant and exotic cars including the 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 7 series to be hybrid cars made exclusively to meet the needs of highly executive people and officials from very sound professional backgrounds. These cars are simple yet elegant and have many accessories that make them unique in all terms. In addition to this, there is an SUV known as the X3. The M series in BMW is made exclusively in sports related to cars. This product line of BMW is loved by many car lovers for the sporty looks as well as the classic engine.

Mercedes Benz has it's A class as the MPV class of vehicles. The C, CL, CLS and E class are sedans dedicated to executives from different backgrounds. B class is a sports-toured class while G is cross country vehicles. The GL, GLK and M class in Mercedes are SUVs. The best of all their product ranges is the SL, SLK and SLS class that are all roadsters.

Mercedes has a distinction of manufacturing McLaren and F1 cars as well.

Market Worth

The net revenue of BMW is $72.51 billion with and operating income of $1,255.41 million earning a profit of $441.64 million back in 2008. Mercedes Benz on the other hand is a company with revenue equal to $47.77 billion according to a source. The operating income is around $800 million.

Similarities and Differences

Both the manufacturer produce excellent car line ups:

  • Mercedes has a very distinct product range with cars for people from all around the world.
  • Their cars are having distinct features as well that suit the needs of people from different terrains.

Comparison of Mercedes C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS5 Video


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  • Kate . 3+ yrs. ago

BMW is the ultimate driving machine. i think even if i had the money for a mclaren ,slr or what not, i would still buy a bmw csl, the 3 series is one of the most prestigious cars ever made. especailly award winnning and affordabilty it all looks the way of bmw over ,over-priced merecedes .i just bought a new c300 and belive it or not i miss my m3 :-(

  • Richard . 3+ yrs. ago

BMW is a performance driving car with racy lines and design. A MB is more related to an older persons car with comfort and luxury in mind. Not the car for me. BMW out sells MB every year.... that says alot right there to which car most prefer. I currently own a M3 and wouldn't trade it for any MB. A Ferrari or Austin Martin ya..but not for a MB. When I think of MB or see a MB I think of a retired person. Sad, i know...but it's true. Just ask around.

  • zxyabc . 3+ yrs. ago

People who like BMW done know what class means.Using plastic material instead of leather in the dashboard. Grow up . Its meant for people who are poor and want luxary

  • Ronaldo R . 3+ yrs. ago

Yeah, therefore M-division cars are many times as or more expensive than Mercs.

In general, nowdays, they are equal in prices. Mercedes needs to release new models with exaggerated design frequently in order to keep up with BMW, which outsells Mercedes with cars that have had the same looks for a span of over 4 years. How pity.

BMW has overtaken the crown. And no, they aren't for poor people. I'm pretty sure you can chose to have leather, if you're rich enough.

  • GayMercedes . 3+ yrs. ago

bmw is a drift car and is better on the tracks. mercedes is for old ppl. and can't drive. and if you did a bmw vs mercedes in price compare then would bmw win ez

  • ramesh . 3+ yrs. ago

why then then i always hear rumours that BMW is very expensive car to maintain

  • Adnan . 3+ yrs. ago

becuase it is darn expensive to maintain my cousin has an 05 3series, and recently a break change costed her $800 regular 4k kms oil change: A whopping $120 mercedes maintenance costs around 5-6 bills a year, significantly less than BMWs (I got 3series VS E-class in comparison here) A friggin battery change for a 3 series is $200, Benz: $120ish Mercedes is much more reliable, its class with performance (whereas arguably BMW is performance with class) I'd like to live longer and drive more comfortably, versus a bumpier BMW ride. Benz all the way

  • HAWRE96 . 3+ yrs. ago

you are right man mercedes is the king!

  • Piya S. . 3+ yrs. ago

I AGREE with you. My family has 6 Mercedes. They cost us very little for their maintenance.

  • Money . 3+ yrs. ago

Because it is. If you want a BMW its best to purchase it brand new with an extended warranty! Parts aren't cheap and also you have to find a mechanic who specializes in BMWs if you don't want to go to a dealer.

  • BMW Motorcycles . 3+ yrs. ago

BMW has far better than mercedes which has better handling, better performance than Mercedes, If you want real speed and performance then go with BMW and see that how real performance feels like.

  • HAWRE96 . 3+ yrs. ago




  • asdasd . 3+ yrs. ago


  • MB . 3+ yrs. ago

HEY HAWRE96! open ur EYES man, so u need something better than tht stupid MERCEDES, then CHECK out the BMW-G-POWER-M6(hurricane), it will whup ur As.., BMW has better comfort than MB, just check out the 7-series, it's damn big luxury car. T.C!

  • Dylan . 3+ yrs. ago

The M6 can.

  • ayush . 3+ yrs. ago

all are mad who thinks Mercedes is better

  • Piya S. . 3+ yrs. ago

I DO NOT AGREE with you.

  • john kuroff . 3+ yrs. ago

Dodge is the best car that can beat both bmw and mercedes. I own dodge omni and I spit on bmw and mercedes owners everyday, no really I spit at them.

  • Car Dealers Minneapolis . 3+ yrs. ago

Mercedes commands the highest status; it's instantly recognizable as a status symbol and has more brand cachet. The main difference between the two brands is the Benz is luxury oriented and BMW is more performance oriented.

  • Rapaa . 3+ yrs. ago

If BMW is better, why many countries' leader choose MB for being their vehicles? MB is more luxurious.

  • Piya S. . 3+ yrs. ago

If BMW is better than Mercedes, could you BMW guys tell me why many countries' leader choose Mercedes to be their vehicles, please? Although BMW is far better than Mercedes in terms of performance, Mercedes is more reliable in every single other way, for example maintenance cost and strength. In daily use, we are not speed racers, do you think you need to drive more than a hundred kilometer per hour? I do not think so. We a more robust and reliable car. That's all.

  • Ruwan . 3+ yrs. ago

I love Mercedes, but I drive a BMW.

  • Mark . 3+ yrs. ago

People, you cannot compare BMW and Mercedes because they are two completely different brands. Mercedes is luxury-oriented and when you drive it, it's much more comfortable, you don't hear the engine, don't feel the shifts and you just fly over the bumps. BMW is performance-oriented and you feel every single inch of the road, you clearly feel the engine, the shifts, everything. If you are using a car just for transport, your choice will probably be Mercedes. If you love driving, enjoy reaching high rpm, making noise, your choice is BMW. You cannot generally say that one is better over another because the brands are made for different kinds of people.

Personally, i love BMW, and I would choose BMW over Mercedes in almost every situation but everybody has it's own opinion. Cheers.

  • king . 3+ yrs. ago

lol. compare an s65 to a 760LI. O wait, there is no comparison. Yall are talking about how your **** bmws are performance cars.. explain why an s65 completely demolishes a 760LI WHILE being way more luxurious, safer, and comfortable. they are both v12 with two turbos in each. the benz rocks the **** out of the beemer. and the benz still manages to keep you comfortable not feeling those bumps as it also adjusts its suspension to crosswinds. so point proven. bmw is for **** Made ****. benz all day er day baby.

  • Furdita L. . 3+ yrs. ago

BMW car is the best one. When I went to get a brand new car, I was really stressed about it. It had been so long since I had bought a new car that I could not keep in mind what the standards really were. Luckily, I went to Momentum BMW in Houston. The dealership knew exactly how to help and could guide me to the right automobile. The consumer service was better than I ever anticipated. You will get the best service at: BMW Houston TX

  • Health Care . 3+ yrs. ago


  • Exclusive range of Mercedes Spare Parts . 3+ yrs. ago

We can see more difference in BMW vs. Mercedes car. Now we can get more information about MBW and Mercedes car.

  • Dee . 3+ yrs. ago

I had a Mercedes SKL 280 that I loved but the seats was not comfortable. I traded it for a BMW Z4 and the BMW Z4 has more tech, more comfort, more style and great driving experience for a small sport car then the Mercedes sport car.

  • caesar . 3+ yrs. ago

BMW is the best of the best dream of

no any car other than this car

  • Russel . 3+ yrs. ago

I have a 335i BMW and love the drive however I have had to replace the turbos, the injectors, the suspension, it constantly leaks oil and I constantly leak money to keep it on the road. I am selling it at the advice of friends who also have had issues with BMWs maintenance, my mechanic would never buy a BMW and suggests a Merc. he has said BMWs leak oil, constantly. I have had enough of BMWs and would never recommend them, again I love them to drive but hate the ongoing costs.

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