Vegetarians vs. Non-Vegetarians

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Difference between Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians

When is come to food, there are a lot of pro and cons for vegetarian food. There are questions like quality of life, feeling healthy, proper nutritional value, social norms and happiness that you want for yourself when talking about non-vegetarian food. It is healthy? Or not? Why? Which one is the right option for my body? What do I have to eat to remain slim? Does the vegetarian meal offer me right amount of calories that I need every day? Choosing the right foods to eat will increase the chance of a healthy sustainable life and increase the duration of health.  Without answering any of these questions, you cannot expect to make the best decision.  Here is some useful information to help you choose what works best for you.   



Generally, most people who are body builders use non-vegetarian food to boost their protein levels.  Medical sciences have proven that vegetarian food is more suitable to the human body's fuel requirements than the non-vegetarian variety. This may be the reason why more and more people adopt vegetarian diet in their life-style. Many non-vegetarian foods contain harmful elements and byproducts. Only 60% of meat products are useful for the body, the rest of it is toxic.  Most meat based food is high in cholesterol and increases the chance for artery blockage and heart attacks.  Some vegetarian foods have chemical poisoning in them from farmers that use chemicals to unnaturally enhance their growth potential.  


When you are reading about healthy diet, you can read about including fibers in your life-style. Well, non-vegetarian foods do not include fiber. Vegetarians foods are useful for your body because the lower the incidence of cancer of intestinal tract, diabetes, hiatus hernia, coronary heart disease, diverticulitis, dental caries, piles, obesity and gallstones. Cereals and legumes, grains, fruits, carrot, citrus fruits, apples peaches, cabbages, pears, celery etc, are rich in fibers, so it is recommended to include these in your diet. Still, there are some advantages of the non-vegetarian foods also: they are rich in protein and Vitamin B12, which is not available in vegetarian food. Fish can give you the right amount of Omega 3 and calcium.  


When you are going to have lunch or dinner, you will find, besides the easily chewable and digestible features of the vegetarian food, that the price can be a difference.  Usually, the meaty and non-vegetarian foods are generally more expensive than veggie foods.   

Similarities and Differences

As you can see there are some advantages of the non-vegetarian foods, but scientists have proven that vegetarian food gives the right amount of energy and calories. Vegetarian foods have both advantages and disadvantages:

  • They are healthy for your body, unlike the non-vegetarian food, that consists in 40% toxins
  • Vegetarian food has the fibers that you need for a really healthy life. This will help you to avoid a many diseases, like coronary heart disease, dental problems, etc.
  • When it comes to pay the bill, vegetarian food will cost less, than the non-vegetarian meal.
  • Non-vegetarian foods are more widely available due to the shorter lifespan of vegetarian products.
Which group is more likely to eat eggs?
  • Vegetarians
  • Non-Vegetarians

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  • Jeffrey . 3+ yrs. ago

I am for non-vegetarians,its ok to be vegetarian for ethical reasons. But from the nutrition point, its definetly not good for your health, People are born not vegetarian, its people's nature to eat meat and vegetable! We need a balanced diet rather just simply abandoning meat to stay healthy.

  • reshma . 3+ yrs. ago

u r right.....i also think so.

  • Akshay Malhotra . 3+ yrs. ago

ppl who have veg diet are under nourished?

give me link where u got this information from?

  • suvrajit . 3+ yrs. ago

MEAT EATERS Respires through tongue as they dont have skin pores all you also do the same.. Medical study says that human have pores on skin like all vegi animals and there anatomy matches with vegiterian ....humans are meant to eat veg not for eating humble creatures.

  • Sam . 3+ yrs. ago

If humans were meant to be vegetarians, their body would not be able to digest meat, as in the case of other herbivore species.

  • Kris . 3+ yrs. ago

Well, vegetarians are actually very healthy. Grant it though, it takes more time and thought to stay nurished. Instead of just buying meat for our protien we have to select different varieties of nuts, ect., to get the neccessary amount of protien. Also, humans are omnivores but we show signs of leaning more towards veggies than meat. We lack a snout that most meat eatters have, the intestins of carnivores are a lot shorter than a humans(who's intestines are long like herbavores), and of all are teeth we only have two sets of canines, whereas meat eatters have mainly canines. Nobody is born into vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism, I even read about a lion cub that didn't eat meat, but I think what the writer ment by that phrase was someone born to vegetarian parents.

  • Rahul Patwardhan . 3+ yrs. ago

Nobody in the world is a non-vegeterian.

They are actually semi-vegeterians.

A vegeterian is a person who eats only veg.

So, a non-vegeterian should be a person who eats only non-veg.

Nobody in the world eats only non-veg.

People mix veg and non-veg and eat it together.

(For ex: In India Chicken pieces with rice ...)

Hence people are either veg or semi-veg.

Non-vegeterians dont exist. That's actually a misuse of word.

In online encyclopedia like Wikipedia and Brittanica etc, there is an article called vegeterian.

But there is no article on Non-vegeterian. (For a simple reason, they don't exist).

Instead there is an article on Semi-Vegeterian.

  • Shelby Orange . 3+ yrs. ago

Please watch Forks Over Knives. Then let's talk.

  • nikhil . 3+ yrs. ago

egg is veg

  • Jaipal Reddy . 3+ yrs. ago

Can I know which vegetarian food gives more energy for bones as non-vegetarian food. Can anyone tell me please...

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