Tomtom GPS vs. Magellan GPS vs. Garmin GPS

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Difference between Tomtom GPS, Magellen GPS and Garmin GPS

Global Positioning Systems or GPS' are one of the most important tracking systems of our times. Everyone loves to make use of these systems for getting all the information about vehicles on time. These GPS systems can aid the users with alternative routes to a position which help in saving plenty of time in a traffic jam. Users can also save coordinates of specific locations in a GPS device which ensures that its easy to make a trip next time. The GPS navigation device can also alert you about the position of the vehicle in which it is installed. This can prevent vehicle thefts in real time. All the touch screen devices today automatically display the path to a location to you. GPS can alter the quality of your travel if the right device is procured. After getting a GPS device, you need never be lost again. Various GPS navigation devices like Tomtom, Magellan and Garmin are present in the market now.

The utility of a GPS device depends on the accuracy with which it can provide you the route to a specific place. Obviously, mapping data is provided by every GPS device out there. But the relevance of this data depends on the data points conveyed by the system. This additional data can include features like the speed on a certain road.

Tomtom GPS
Garmin GPS


Magellan and Garmin GPS units are more efficient in this regard as they provide users with all these route specific attributes since they use NAVTEQ mapping data. This is also the reason for the high costs of such devices. On the other hand, Tomtom uses Tele Atlas for its mapping data which is not that effective.


Garmin has the most specific routing engine. It can give you the most practical shortest route as compared to Magellan whereas Tomtom produces the longest route. It tells the routes quite quickly as compared to Magellan and Tomtom.


It all depends on the cost that you are willing to shell out on these systems. If the cost is not a factor, then Garmin is by far the best device. However, it will be soon going for a map upgrade. Tomtom provides unfeasible routes to destinations.

Tomtom also does not produce any destination prompts like Garmin like the turns and the amount of traffic to a certain place.

Display of Distance

Magellan and Garmin both display the distance in feet but Tomtom displays the distance in yards.

Similarities and Differences

  • Supportability.

    Google and yahoo maps also support the routes shown by Garmin.
  • Reliability.

    If you are well aware of all the points in the city, then Tomtom is the preferable choice. But Garmin tells you all the details to a place due to which it is quite user-friendly.
  • Quality of screen.

    For some users, quality of the screen is also quite important. This can derive the practicality of the device for them. Magellan has a bright LCD screen which is not present in Tomtom and Garmin. This screen is quite workable in the bright glare of the sun too.
Which GPS unit has the best features?
  • Tomtom GPS
  • Magellen GPS
  • Garmin GPS

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  • Emily wrote on April 2010

we didn't seem to evaluate the different routes calculated. Was there a reason why one route was chosen over another, which would effect the ideal distance/driving times provided. Driving one route at 2:00 AM might be very different than driving the same route at 2:00 PM

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