New York vs. Los Angeles

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Difference between New York and Los Angeles

New York, the most populous city of US, exerts immense influence over global economy, commerce, political scenario, fashion and entertainment. As the host of UN headquarters, it is also the citadel global affairs.Being home to 8.3 million people (according to 2008 census), its area is 305 square miles. Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and Empire State Building are the famous landmarks associated with New York. Los Angeles is the second largest city of US. It is located in California. This is popularly called as the city of angels. As the home to Hollywood, Los Angeles is a famous citadel of global entertainment industry.

New York
Los Angeles


Managed by New York City Department of Education, public education system of New York is the largest in US. New York City is the home to near about 1200 primary and secondary schools. Popularly called as the college town of US, New York City has more than 5, 90,000 university student. One fourth of them are advanced degree holders. New York Public Library has the largest collection of books in US. There are several avenues for research on health and life sciences in New York City. There are three public universities in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Unified School District is entrusted with the administration of primary and secondary education here. There are 72 public libraries in Los Angeles.


Media in New York City is highly developed. It is the largest media market of North America and the home to number of advertising, entertainment and publishing agencies. The Wall Street Journal and the New York times are published from here. The Village Voice is the largest alternate newspaper of the city. Popular broadcasting houses of New York City are ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Los Angeles Times is the major daily newspaper of Los Angeles. La Opinion, the Spanish daily has also significant readership in Los Angeles. This city has seven VHF allocations.

Public Transport

Bus subway and light train lines are the primary public transportation alternatives to the endless number of miles most people in LA drive each day. Out of around 1.7 Million daily commuters, 1.4 million depend upon bus service. The subway system in Los Angeles is 9th busiest in US. You can also jump on the metrolink and commuter rails lines. 54.6% of daily commuters depend upon public transportation system in New York. The subway in New York is the rapidest transit in US. There are three major airports in the NY area available via public transit. Expressways, parkways, bus service, rental cars and private cars for hire are all available in both locations.


  • Law and order situation in New York is highly satisfactory. Compared to other US cities of similar size and population, New York has the lowest crime rate. After 2005, this city is witnessing a dramatic decrease in occurrence of crime.
  • Los Angeles law and order situation is perhaps the only problem here. Due to the degrading law and order situation, it is also called as the Gang Capital of US. However, compared to 1980s, there is a commendable decline in crime rate here. The local law and order machinery is taking stern measures to improve the situation further.
Which city has the most tourists?
  • New York
  • Los Angeles

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thee is no other place like new york city .

See it yourself sometime and you will know that its well said every time

New York city baby , city of happening... City of talent... City of entertainment... City of finance... City of world... City of YOU.

- Proud New yorker

Does anyone else find it odd that the author of this article says New York City is the capital of the United States, when Washington, DC is? New York City hasn't been the US Capital in over 200 years.

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  • Blake Reid wrote on February 2011

New York

1. Is in a Tsunami risk zone

2. Times Square and the Statue of Liberty are in New York

3. Sept 11 attacks took place there

4. Largest city in the United States

5. Empire State Building is there

Los Angeles

1. In an earthquake zone

2. Disneyland Anaheim and Universal studios are there

3. Second Largest city in the United States

4. Has allot of issues about pollution

5. Has larger highways


1. Both are in the United States

2. Both are large cities

3. Both have lots of crime

4. Both have lots of tourism

5. Both cities have a key role in the film industry

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  • Robert wrote on December 2011

Beach ,desert,Weather,American Dream, and the largest, the most diverse, and one of the most successful university systems in the country.

  • Guest
  • robert evers wrote on January 2014

I rather live in boston. Best Education and transportation in country.

Now that was just blasphemy, no other city has better education, forget transportation because that NYC

  • Guest
  • larell wrote on April 2015

in nyc theres lots of crime but not much as la and chicago and nyc is also famous beacause it was in the same state as syracuse and abraham lincon that i dont know how to spell gave his speech there


California has better climate, unrivaled landscape with beautiful beaches, deserts, mountains, a biodiversity that doesn't exist in tiny flat NYC. Los Angeles is much larger geographically and cleaner, greener, with gorgeous palm trees a sight to behold land of dreams. NYC is just slum like, overcrowded physically small, unglamorous looking even with all the businesses, in Cali you look a million bucks just for the paradise scenery. Shopping is amazing in Cali to not better than Europe perhaps, but equivalent to NYC just cleaner and not stinky. You can hike, paddle board, kayak, scuba dive, surf,hndglide, all kinds if outdoors activities in Los Angeles that are hardly doable in flat,sucky weather NYC or long island even upstate NY.California caters to the lifestyle of celebs that is within reach of average gals and guys just for the location.

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