MIT vs. Stanford

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Difference between MIT and Stanford

Among the top 20 universities of the world are two of the very renowned names: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. Both MIT and Stanford University strive to attain a sustainable position on the university ranking table. MIT lies on rank 9 while Stanford is on 16. Both the universities render excellent services in the field of education. MIT has its roots back in 1861 while Stanford has its roots in 1891 and ever since then both these universities have produces excellent quality students. The fall 2009-2010 terms registered some 10,384 students in MIT and 14,945 students in Stanford.


The Basic Facts

MIT has 1,009 Faculty members with a total student count of 10,384 for the Fall 2009-2010 term. The MIT campus ranges to 168 acres in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Stanford university has a total of 1,878 Faculty members with a total student count of 14,945. The Stanford University campus covers a total of 8,180 acres of land in the suburbs of Stanford, California, United States.


The Engineering and IT departments of MIT are the main causes for its recognition around the world. It is ranked number 1 in the world while the Engineering Department of Stanford University is at 3 internationally. The natural sciences department in MIT ranks at number 2 around the world while Stanford stands at 9 in this respect. Stanford University's Arts and Humanities department lies on a better state then MIT that is at rank 7 compared to 27 for MIT. The social sciences department at Stanford again dominates that in MIT by being at 6 as compared to 12 as well as the Life Sciences & Biomedicine that is at 4 in Stanford while 8 in MIT.

Success Matters

Both the MIT and Stanford University Belong to the private sector and the revenue they generate go to the university directly. Stanford University dominates MIT in terms of the endowment that is $12.6 billion and $8 billion respectively. MIT as being in the urban area is not that well developed at the athletics and is categorizes in the Division III with respect to athletics while Stanford University is classified under the Division I group as having an excellent suburban campus. Average tuition fee at MIT is $36,390 annually compared to Stanford University's $32,994 for all the Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate Degree programs. The number of applications received in the last 12 months for students to pursue their studies in MIT was 13,396 while it was 25,299 in MIT.

Similarities and Differences

Both the names of MIT and Stanford dominate the Education Industry with their specific distinction:

  • If you are looking for an admission in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology then MIT has no competition globally as it is the world's best Engineering and Information Technology University in the world.
  • The Faculty of Natural Science also dominates that in the Stanford University.
  • On the contrary, Stanford University dominates MIT in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences and Biomedicines, and Social Sciences. So if you are looking forward to an admission in these faculties then Stanford University is doubtlessly the perfect choice.
  • Stanford University gives it another edge as being in the suburban area with a campus six times bigger than MIT.

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