Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie

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Difference between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

In the world of media, you do not only get a lot of drama on-screen but there is a lot to experience off screen as well. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have been targeted since the past 4-5 years solely because of one man: Brad Pitt. Ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston's revolves around various relationships after the breakup whereas present girlfriend Angelina Jolie enjoys a family with Pitt, we have heard it all and we are here to see who the actual winner in this game is.

In Common

When it comes to these two remarkable names of the industry, Jolie and Aniston, both have star parents. John Voight and Marcheline Bertrand (parents of Angelina) and John Aniston and Nancy Dow (parents of Jennifer) both enjoyed the life of their only daughters in New York. These women have different ancestors of a different race and have been married, Jolie twice and Aniston once, that too to Brad Pitt. Both the women are involved in causes that relate to humanitarian and are devoted to it whole-heartedly. Jolie has been part of the foreign relation council and has helped various cases whereas Aniston is known to be helpful towards children more and other cases such as homosexuals, transsexual and bisexual societies.


When you talk of their careers, both women have excelled in whatever they do. Aniston was known for the hit TV series ‘Friends' whereas Jolie's work in ‘Tomb Raider' caught her lots of attention. Jennifer has an image of a sweet, loving person and gets the exact same roles as her appearance suggests whereas Angelina is inclined more on the bold side and shown a lot of aggression in her movies. Both women work splendidly in their apartment and there is no comparison to who is best.


When it comes to comparing their looks, Jennifer strikes us as a beautiful woman who has a lot of appeal and lovability to her outlook whereas Angelina is the striking beauty who has sharp, arrogant features, a look that will kill you and a pout that every man knows of. Having more sex appeal, Jolie sweeps the crowd away with her looks far more than Aniston does.

Similarities and Differences

Where both these women have been put in a continuous comparison because of one man, they have been publicized due to their different personality aspects and looks. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston continue to shine in their respective genres and let the media created battle continue. A glimpse at the parts they play in our lives:

  • Both continue to serve the world with their humanitarian movements and devote themselves to it. Both of them are great actors and are loved by the people because of the explicit talent that they have.
  • When it comes to look, where Jennifer is the Barbie doll, Angelina is the raw cat let loose due to the striking looks that she has. When it comes to look, it is a definite decision that Jolie takes the prize.
Who's better actress?
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Angelina Jolie

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  • Caeliana . 3+ yrs. ago

It will never end, because Jen and her fans seem to be unable to just let it go and get over it. On the plus side, Angie has a great life, great man, great kids, great career. And she's MUCH better looking. No wonder Angie talks about her life and doesn't really mention Jen. I doubt she thinks about her at all. She's much too busy being happy. In the meantime, Jen and her fans keep on bitterly whining. And whining. And whining. It would be sad if it weren't so annoying.

  • cat . June 2021

Lol, this comment didn't age well.

  • deejay . 3+ yrs. ago

caeliana.......sounds to me like you are the one whining!

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