Imagination vs. Creativity

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Difference between Imagination and Creativity

A young person may think there is an infinite array of possibilities but in the expert's mind there is very little or in some cases the reverse may be true.Many people thing that imagination and creativity is one and the same but they are easily distinguished. People become inspired and want to create a form of art but lack imagination. The differences between being creative and imaginative is assumed to be synonymous, but it is not so. They may be debated to be different but it is a matter of philosophy.Using the imagination and using a creative approach is different indeed. We are going to discuss the differences.


Mental Prospects

When someone tells another to use their imagination, it is meant to create a mental image of a subject at hand. Using imagination means to make a picture based on the visual experiences a person may have. While the imagination can run wild, creativity is not the basis of imagination. Having an imagination is the basis of fantastical thoughts conjured up by the mind. Being creative is finding an effective way to promote this thought in a way that others can interpret it.

Mentally Creative

While being creative, a person would be able to appeal to another in various forms of expressing it. This can be a song, artwork, a story, some sort of promotional product, etc.To conjure up a thought and to be passively creative are entirely two different aspects. Many people can think up stuff beyond our wildest imaginations but to effectively implement it as a thought provoking entity is differentiated as two separate abilities.

Thought Potential

When you think up something and that something is displayed in your mind, creativity is like a critical thinking process. While both imagination and creativity is used interchangeably, the imaginative process can be linked to the creativity process. For example; to obtain the label of creativity is to use a problem solving technique that effectively implements imagination. If we think that flying to the moon is imaginative, to actually do it would be a creative way to implement science and engineering. If you want someone to know what you are feeling and your feeling is conjured up of imagination, to be creative could mean to promote your feelings in a song that is soothing. Creativity and imagination are no doubt, used together to obtain optimal results.

Similarities and Differences

Looking at a pile of rocks and assuming that it is a pile of rocks and the rocks are surely useful for bashing open shells or as a hammering tool. This is a minimal creative process, but to imagine building a cathedral out of the rocks is a good example of effective imagination and creativity.

  • Creativity involves a substantial amount of intelligence quotient and imagination is purely fantasy.
  • There is a fine line between what is possible and what is fantasized to be possible.
  • The mind is limited in what we can create but to envision realistic goal that is very possible but in the olden days, it was never conceived to be possible involves creativity and imagination to its fullest.

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  • ann wright . 3+ yrs. ago

your ideas are interesting, but you need an editor. creativity and imagination ARE (not is, which is singular)

different.....etc. learning the rudiments of grammar would no doubt increase your ability to communicate

and increase your creative expression.

  • Fantastic Joe . 3+ yrs. ago

Ann, I disagree with you. You're talking about grammar, there is no capitalization in your comments. There is nothing wrong with "Having an imagination IS the basis of fantastical thoughts". You need glasses...

  • Shanice Pandy . 3+ yrs. ago

tru!!! I agree!!! pshhhhhhh!!! she is looking for perfection!!!

  • Guest . 3+ yrs. ago

I agree that in popular social understanding, imagination and creativity would be two different things. However, I disagree on the point that those who are creative but not imaginative are somehow artistically impotent. For example, in creating a design, I could be really "imaginative" but what I imagine may not suit my abilities, the medium that I'm using or even be that attractive. Creativity however, allows for the adaptation of the thoughts into a concrete finished product. just my opinion.

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