Disney vs. Mattel

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Difference between Disney and Mattel

Dolls are no longer confined to the childrens' toys category, in fact grown people have more feel the urge to keep them for their beauty, nostalgic value or the financial value. Earlier dolls were used to symbolize religious aspects, ceremonies and even for the rituals. Astonishingly, these dolls have been an aid to health related people as well. Doctors use them to illustrate medical procedures for patients. Artists use them as the basis for the human figure in design of a myriad of things such as dolls. But aside from that, the major impact has been for enjoyment and the doll-doll play for little girls. The beautiful colors and features of doll's dresses attracts little children to own them at an early age. Disney and Mattel dolls are the world most famous dolls available for kids.



Mattel and Disney dolls are well created in terms of their physical appearance. The beauty of the doll's faces and body features are unique for Mattel dolls. As for Disney dolls, doll makers have worked greatly on appearance. Big eyes, beautiful lips, nose and other features are the prettiest aspects of the Disney and the Mattel dolls.

Styles and colors of the doll dresses are unique in their own special way. Disney dolls offer colorful dresses with stylish designer made dresses. Mattel is more inclined towards styles offered by the celebrities.

Materials used for Disney and Mattel dolls are flexible and unbreakable. Dresses give a deeper touch to having dolls of varying sizes and aids in promoting use over a long period of time.


Dolls of elegance are at their best when describing these two manufacturers. Disney has promoted so many of their dolls for animated movies and even Mattel dolls are no where behind for Barbie movies. The dolls are of varying categories; starting from simple Disney dolls to the most fashionable ones. Even Mattel dolls are a bunch of creative dolls starting from the basic to the fascinating ones. Disney dolls are a fascinating aspect for the creativity whereas the Mattel dolls are in repetitive development of adding more and more features to what they have to offer.


The investment you have to do to get a Mattel doll is not much. They are reasonable with their rates. Even the Disney dolls are offered at reasonable rates. Most people can easily afford one these dolls for a cherished little girl.

Similarities and Differences

Dolls offer a unique impact on kid's minds, so having them is no doubt a wonderful experience for little girls

  • Disney dolls and Mattel dolls are both created with impressive quality
  • Disney dolls are stylish in their clothes as are the Mattel dolls
  • Impressive support of the unbreakable components
  • Both of the dolls can be easily purchased at a reasonable rate
  • Disney dolls can be considered as creative wherein the Mattel dolls can be considered an innovation

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