Denny's vs. IHOP

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Difference between Denny's and IHOP

Denny's has been in business of breakfast and casual family meals since 1953. Having more than 1500 restaurants across America, Denny's offers a wide range of menus for all occasions. Round-the-clock service is available at most of the Denny's outlets. IHOP is another popular name for food lovers in America. From its tag-line "come hungry, leave happy" you can imagine the level of services and quality of foods available here. Along with quality food, IHOP also arranges several charity functions for local communities. Open round the clock, IHOP can definitely satiate your taste buds and will ensure frequent visits.



Menus offered by these eating joints depend upon the time when you are visiting. For breakfast, you can find cracked eggs, low fat salads and burgers in Denny's. For non-vegetarians, Denny's offers a wide range of choices on chicken. Along with, you can also go for ice creams and different types of soups here. Buttermilk pancakes are one of the irresistible attractions at IHOP. And, specifically if you are visiting IHOP on national Pancake Day, there is a bright chance to get free pancakes too. For pizza and burger lovers, there are so many cheesy options available here. If you are a vegetarian, you will not fall short of choices here.


Both employment and franchise options are open at Denny's and IHOP. In US, Denny's is regarded as an industry leader in the segment of family style restaurants. Along with, it is also the Entrepreneur's Top 10 full-service restaurant franchises of US. Both hourly and monthly employment opportunities are available in Denny's. For detailed information on available opportunities, you need to stay in touch with its official website. IHOP also offers highly challenging and rewarding career options for people having diverse educational qualifications like management, hotel management, food and beverage preparation, quality control etc. Its official website will provide you all minute details about the vacancies available.


At Denny's, having the breakfast, lunch or dinner of your preference will never cost you in terms of time. Throughout the US, you will find a Denny's outlet in nearby. Another specialty of Denny's is its kid friendliness. Being a leader of family restaurant segment, it offers several discounts and gift packages if you are accompanied by your kids. IHOP arranges Food festivals for local hospital charity. In these events, Good Acts Contest is one of the popular events. Along with, IHOP is also associated with the charity work for Children's Miracle Network. Both of these eating hubs offer discounts and other packages to the guests.

Similarities and Differences

Denny's and IHOP are known for their uncompromised quality and prompt service.

  • Both Denny's and IHOP offer online reservations. Home delivery facility is available in both of them but subject to some terms and conditions. They are open throughout the year. From the websites of these two restaurants you can easily find an outlet near you.
  • Each restaurant website also offers you information on packages, special occasions, menu of the day and price of the menus available.

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