Bollywood vs. Hollywood

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Difference between Bollywood and Hollywood

Entertainment is arguably deemed a necessary psychological need for humans. In the short on time lives of today, one hardly finds time for entertainment. However, Bollywood and Hollywood movies provide an ample scope for some much-craved for entertainment. There is not a vast difference between the movies of both these film industries.


Hollywood movies are made on a grand scale which includes movies made on multi-million dollar budgets. However the money spent on movies in Bollywood, although huge, stands nowhere in comparison to Hollywood. The huge disparity in the scale of Bollywood and Hollywood can be evident from the fact that the entire earnings of Bollywood in 2006 were just half of the money earned by one major Hollywood studio, Walt Disney. The length of movies is also dissimilar. In Bollywood, movies typically have a 3 hour length although things are not the same any more with the movie time trimmed down to 1 and ½ hours in the latest flicks. Hollywood movies are not more than a three hour duration but Titanic was an exception.


Bollywood is known for a different genre of movies called musicals and melodramas. Hollywood genres are varied but rarely enter the musical genre. Bollywood movies appeal more to the sentimental side of human nature while Hollywood tickles at the adventurous human spirit. Although Hollywood can't be categorized into the science fiction genre only because romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally, musicals like Grease and Moulin Rouge and sexy movies like American Pie are also popular in Hollywood.

The stories of Hollywood movies lack songs in general and the screenplay is quite taut. Bollywood draws heavily on songs with them making 20% of the narrative. But, Hollywood seems to be following the trend of including music heavily with movies in eliciting emotions to accompany the direction or in the re-emerging trend of movies like Moulin Rouge.


Hollywood is an older film industry having originated prior to before World War 1. Bollywood has later origins of talking movies in 1930's although its first silent movie Raja Harishchandra was produced in 1910 only, three years after Hollywood's most initial shot by D.W. Griffithin 1907. Hollywood is technologically superior to Bollywood. Bollywood has not been able to create technological marvels like Avatar and Titanic. However, the underwater movie Blue can be cited as an exception. Movies in Hollywood also derive their incomes from TV networks, home videos and magazines apart from theatre earnings. Bollywood on the other hand depends largely on theatre revenues only. Bollywood is also credited with driving the major Indian music trends.

Similarities and Differences

  • Personal choice. Since Bollywood movies are being released abroad, more cultures have a chance to view them. Subtitles to ensure a greater audience understanding of dialogue and culture. However, if you are madly in love with the Bollywood song and dance routine, then such movies can woo you. It all depends on your choice. Hollywood movies are dubbed or subtitled as well.
  • Stars. Some Bollywood stars like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have become household names abroad too. One can have a glimpse of their acting skills when their movies are screened there. However, such stars have also started making appearances in Hollywood movies. Hollywood stars are known and loved world wide.
  • Kind of audiences. Bollywood refrains from inclusion of steamy scenes in its movies, often excluding even kissing scenes. If kids are to be taken along to the screening, then clean Bollywood movies are a preferred choice. It also does not have exceptional nudity in its films which make them more coveted by family oriented audiences. Hollywood movie themes often include risqué themes and sexy or violent visual images if not made specifically for very young crowds.

Comparison of Bollywood and Hollywood Stars

Which is better?
  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood

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  • marsh . 3+ yrs. ago

Bollywood is so much better

  • Jim Jhonsburg . 3+ yrs. ago

I know right!

  • Ankit Verma . 3+ yrs. ago

Hollywood produces 500 films per year on average and has a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion whereas Bollywood produces more than 1000 (not consistently) films every year and has a worldwide audience of 3 Billion. In terms of vieweship, Bollywood overtook Hollywood in 2004 and has been leading ever since.

  • Joe . 3+ yrs. ago

But Hollywood produces quality films.

  • Jack . 3+ yrs. ago

But Bollywood produces feel good films.

  • Helen . 3+ yrs. ago

It is true that Hollywood porduces quality films, but their concepts are sexual and unscrupled. Bollywood produces films with much better concepts. Bollywood films also have really good lessons like accepting dyslexic kids and not sexually discriminating. Sure some Hollywood movies are like that, but they do not portray it with the purity of Bollywood films.

  • ashish . 3+ yrs. ago

but Hollywood movies show sexuality in its purest form with strong orignalness and not just to titillate its audience unlike Bollywood who does not even understand sexuality and contnue to grow with repessive indian culture ,

  • Biz . 3+ yrs. ago

What is the definition of quality?

  • Phillipou . 3+ yrs. ago

i call BS. LOL Where did u get that 3 billion figure from? Exactly from your veggie eatin skinny ****.

Bollywood is an embarrassment to human kind. I would be so frakkin embarrassed if Bollywood was in my country.

All youtube best comedies rake Bollywood.

No wonder indians ae the most made fun of idiots in the world.

  • madison . 3+ yrs. ago

TOTAL racist

  • NatashaCronsell . 3+ yrs. ago

No one with half a brain will listen to anything you say when it is slathered in racism.

  • george . 3+ yrs. ago

because of u people racisism starts......nobody was fighting here but u mr. couldnt resist to fill this blog wid racisism and ****words....

  • Jim Limpalopable . 3+ yrs. ago

Ha! You can't come up with a reason why Hollywood is better so you're being rascist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not that good of a debator, no offense.

  • Amanda . 3+ yrs. ago

Please don't tell me you are American @Phillipou...I pray that you are not because if you are I am embarrassed. I can't believe how closed minded and idiotic you are.. Open your eyes!!! I'm American and I prefer Bollywood over Hollywood any day!!

  • Prabhu . 3+ yrs. ago

Brother, look, Indians are not responsible if your daddy & uncle forced you for unnatural **** when you were under 5, so quit being that quintessential **** who's bashed by everybody on internet.

  • Trushar Patel . 3+ yrs. ago

Racist shameful

  • raj . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood total revenue is 1.3 billion $ including sale of tickets,dvds etc and hollywood total revenue is 51 billion dollarssssssssssssss

  • Vipul Lunia . 3+ yrs. ago

Yeah feel-good immature movies with no base whatsoever. ****, even East-Asian and Middle-eastern movies are much better in terms of content and acting. Bollywood actors just can't act man. Merely having a pretty face and knowing how to shake a leg or belonging to a influential family doesn't make him or her a good actor.

  • Amanda . 3+ yrs. ago


  • trishann . 3+ yrs. ago

hollywood and bollywood films cant be compared. bollywood produces films that appeal to the masses unlike hollywood.

i believe bollywood films are a total waste of time for people who view cinema as being more than just a source of entertainment. a majority of the films are "infuenced" by the hollywood ones.

  • Jim Limpalopable . 3+ yrs. ago

The main point of film industries is entertainment. No matter what level of sophistication the film and its audiences are at, and no matter what sort of information and emotional insight that can come from a film, the main point of a film in the end is to entertain.

  • Mohan . 3+ yrs. ago

Hollywood is just abt imagination nothing realistic its better to see wwe rather than watching them but bollywood movies r refreshing and makes u feel happy bolly is the best holly is like cow dung only maggotes watch them

  • spirit . 3+ yrs. ago

Ja, have a look on Kollywood (south indian movies, especially from Tamil Nadu). Their budget is much smaler than the one of bollywood but at least there some very good directors producing quality movies with their budget. Movie dealing the problems in villages and poorness which is not and cannot been shown in hollywood or even in bollywood. Movies with strong messages and not only an adaption of hollywood movies. The ugly truth is the more budget you have you try to do hollywood like movies instead of trying different.

I should count some names of movies: Kaasi, Naandha, Nayagan, Unnaipol Oruvan(adaption from hindi movie: a wednesday, also very good), Kadhal, Autograph (very good), Paruthi Veeran, ....

Of course, there are also movies in bollywood which deal with problems you do not think about in hollywood but they are worth to be watched. A wedsnesday is an exampe I think. The main problem is as it is already been told above that bollywood and kollywood too prdouced mass movies to earn the money the put in their movies coz the audience is limited and they can only survive if people watch movies again and again in the cinema theatres.

  • kavin . 3+ yrs. ago

i think that the bollywood are not that popular than hollywood. but i am not mean that the quality is not better than hollywood movies. recently i watched several indian movies. the stories' types are mainly about commidies. the stories are very tourching. it can appeal audience 's sentiment. what's more, the indian movies can reflect the real social appreal without any fear. maybe their authority is much more open. so it can gain the sympathy from all over the world in some extent. it's a wise choice. unlike some countries, they try their best to avoid the uglyness of the socal life. what a shame.

  • Likh . 3+ yrs. ago

Majority of Bollywood films contain poor story.

  • peter cardiff . 3+ yrs. ago

Charlie sheen 90 million for 2 more series of 2 and a half men the best thing about the shows lets you rely see inside Hollywood.I love watching the show and the scripts for those who are listening closely will notice that it is in fact a real show about Hollywood.Look at sheen with his crack addiction the mix of reality and the show blending so sweetly the small child that has grown up on the show now getting a 6 figure sum.He will soon be lured into the darker side of the wood.The mother whose the house sales agent **** dying men to get the sale of the house Charlie having 5k in his pocket at all times for hookers and drink.His brother the hang on who just leeches yes this is a comedy and it isn't real but its damn close to how screwed up they are in real life.I wouldn't be a hollywood star and wouldn't want there life from river pheonix to elvis to Heath Ledger and many many more there lives are screwed up and all that money lindsey lohan lol had to type another im tempted to carry on naming but will stop,hope you get my point.Bollywood is no better but as it grows bigger the stories will start flooding out nothing good comes from either of places.

  • Karmandeep S. . 3+ yrs. ago

You cannot Compare between a Hollywood with Bollywood Film, its like comparing a Race Horse with a Donkey or an AMG Mercedes with an Auto Rickshaw.

Bollywood movies are Dum They lack Direction , Narration , Screenplay , Cinematography , Cast , Acting , Supporting Roles , Editing , Background score and Genre. Bollywood movies are Totally Flat with only one thing running through out with a so-called superstar centered in it. All the bollywood films revolve around only one guy even the story and Direction follows him. It is like an 2 hour individual promotion exercise.

Hollywood on the other hand has everything what bollywood doesn't have Plus its got a sense of creativeness, Character and lots of other things which makes us salute it. Hollywood is a gift of imagination and innovation. The flow of ideas, the emotions and flawless screenplay.

you cannot compare bollywood with hollywood. Anything which gives hollywood run for there money is the Modern Gaming industry.

  • george . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood is reality and hollywood is just an illusion of mind......


hollywood movies budeget are bigger than bollywood movies but still 5billion movie goes for a flop......if u want watch a baseless movie with only movie involved in it......den go for hollywood....otherwise BOLLYWOOD is everything

  • george . 3+ yrs. ago

bollywood is reality and hollywood is just an illusion of mind......


hollywood movies budeget are bigger than bollywood movies but still 5billion movie goes for a flop......if u want to watch a baseless movie with only money involved in it......den go for hollywood....otherwise BOLLYWOOD is everything

  • Brick . 3+ yrs. ago

Hi im Sure That Bollywood is good but honestly only girls go to feel good want adrenaline to get going because it makes it way more entertaining.

  • Jim Limpalopable . 3+ yrs. ago

I understand what you're saying, but the more sophisticated international audiences want something that's not just point-less violence. And if you get an adrenaline rush from dancing in a night club, than you'd like bollywood movies.

  • ali . 3+ yrs. ago

holywood is so much better

  • Melsi . 3+ yrs. ago

since generally speaking they rapresent different cultures of flm making I think the right way of comparison is to the profits and revenues,take Shahrukh Khan and Mel Gibson , King Khan's net worth is around 540 mil while Mel Gibsom's's net worth is around 900 mil,that says it all.(basically Hollywood earns more money than Bollywood)........even not having a bigger audience than Bollywood. Hollywood manages to gain bigger profits,none the less Ghajini or Paheli or Laagan are world heritage all comes down to personal choices people.just because u don't like or understand a movie,it does not mean it has no positive and stop racism of any kind.......

  • Jim Limpalopable . 3+ yrs. ago

That can be attributed to purchasing power parity of international audiences and they're currencies versus the audiences reached by Hollywood.

  • biman,,,,india . 3+ yrs. ago

comparison is not necessary..because indian people like bollywood and its based on indian society,culture,faiths,mythology and everything in india..hollywood is based on western culture,thinking and technology..and stupid fillipou is commenting over yourself in your country..dont rebuke others..india is the most highlighted in any case in asia you should know..i think u r from fillipines..if it is then then think towards your country..nothing is in your side..mind it carefully...dont make such comment on r the stupid asian that spint on own face after consumption..

  • the dead poet . 3+ yrs. ago

At the end of the day, it matters not whether you pick Hollywood or Bollywood. They both represent the same form of entertainment - motion pictures. You could very well watch an amir khan movie and say, "wow what an actor" and soon after you would find yourself saying the same of Johnny Depp. True, the quality of production is a tad higher in Hollywood since there the director is the real star behind the star and he takes no **** from his actors. But still, you cannot really say Bollywood lags behind in any way. SO its merely a matter of what you are watching and who are watching.

  • Diplomat . 3+ yrs. ago

As always the truth lies somewhere in between......

  • sir upen . 3+ yrs. ago

hollywood is jst like a piece of a ****....evry1 release it on evryday

bollywood rocksssss

  • Bob Morris . 3+ yrs. ago

I want to say thank you for posting this kind of article. Now I've learned new and I can make a trivia about this cause we're not familiar about the Bollywood and Hollywood. Keep up the good work!

  • Prince. . . India . 3+ yrs. ago

Bollywood is the best. . . .hollywood is just imagination. . . . . . . . Nd stupid,idiot fillipou, dnt make such coments . .. . .look carefuly at ur own country. . .nd do it there. . . India is a cultural place. .unlike urs1.

  • Prince . 3+ yrs. ago

Keep it in ur mind fillipou, there are many people to gv approval to bollywood, ur really nt required. Bollywood do nt care such a moron like u. . . It it wining hearts of people all over the world. . . It realy hv 3 bilion viewers worldwide. .get it 4m net .its stars can even make hollywood stars jeolous. The reasn is its stardom. Wht do u hv in your own country? Do u hv a industry like holly or bollywood? Luk there carefuly nd try to refine ur thoughts. Bollywood is a big film industry. , .nd cn compete with hollywood. India is well kown in the world, for its excellence in most of the fields including films. . . Ok. . Luk there in ur own country. . .then rebuke others. U dnt even knw to respect other country,nd their culture. Is this ur country's culture? . .. . . Bollywood rocks . . . Nd holly is also nice. . . .

  • Brian Hetzel . 3+ yrs. ago

I am a 38 and from America and don't watch much American films I love Bollywood. And Korean movies. Less rudeness more mature better stories and make me felel.good.

  • Brian Hetzel . 3+ yrs. ago

I am newer to Bollywood can anyone tell me some that are like Ghajini ?

  • Punz . 3+ yrs. ago

All bollywood movies copied from Hollywood !!!! stop copying !!! Bollywood get a life !!

  • Punz . 3+ yrs. ago

I'm indian !!! all bollywood movies copied from Hollywood !! stop copying !!!

  • sachin . 3+ yrs. ago

Hi I am an Indian and won't be partisan about the subject.

Bollywood movies are made considering Indian audience and a typical Bollywood movie will show lot of varied emotions in a single movie, off-course songs are integral part of Bollywood flicks. Many of the popular Hollywood films are blatantly copied in Bollywood and other Indian film Industry.

Market for realistic movies is not that good in India and so generally movie makers refrain from making such films. However in recent past a lot of good realistic movies are made by Indian filmmakers.

Generally most of the movies made in Bollywood are of low to average quality as compared to Hollywood but you can find good movies also made in Bollywood.

Comparison: Hollywood Bollywood

No. of films: 500 >1000

Budget of big films: >100 mil. $ max 20 mil. $

Success Rate : *don't know 30-100

  • Raunaq . 3+ yrs. ago

Bolywood films have desi romance where as hollywood films have pure ****.

Everybody can watch hollywood movies because they come in languages like ‘hindi and english' which can be understood by americans as well as indians.

Hollywood have better visual effects with a better budget.

But Bollywood teaches us good morals.

Hollywood has actors with better budgets compared to bollywood.

Bollywood has more songs than hollywood in movies.

  • Trushar Patel . 3+ yrs. ago

First thing first, I have an issue with term "Bollywood", it is an Indian cinema.

Indian cinema is quite different than Hollayeeood. Hollywood is ahead of Indian cinema in terms of technology. However in terms of number of people who watch Indian cinema are more than that of Hollywood.

Of course, Hollywood makes more money, but there is a reason. The making films in America takes lot of money, however similar movie can be made very easily with 25 times less money. The budget of Slumdog Millionaire was $15 millions despite of the fact that it was filmed in India and most of the Indian actors worked in the film. The similar movie can be made with very low budget in India - 3-4 millions. The the film making in India is much cheaper.

There are plenty of organic Indian movies and they entertain half of the world. Rehman who won Oscar for his average music in Slumdog composed far better scores in Indian Cinema.

Just because west doesn't understand the depth of Indian movies cannot make Indian cinema inferior. Music has been an integral part of Indian cinema and India should be proud of their identity. In India, people celebrate, sing on several occasions, so it's easy to connect.

No wonder why Amitabh Bachchan was voted as Superstar of the millennium by BBC in 2000, he had defeated all the big actors in the world. He is hugely popular in Africa, Middle East, Russia and among Indians abroad.

Not so many Americans know that Indian films are also very popular among some French and Germans.

Hollywood can't make audience cry as easily as Indian cinema does.

Indian cinema is evolving. It's the only cinema which come close to Hollywood. It's future is bright. More and more techniques are being learned and better and better films are being made.

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