Ikea or Crate And Barrel: Which style of furniture blends in with your style best?

  • Ikea
  • Crate And Barrel
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Ikea - 1Crate And Barrel - 2
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Ikea is way more affordable than Crate and Barrel and I can purchase my items during my visit and transport them to my home. With Crate and Barrel, I have to order it and wait for it to be shipped to the store in my town.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
More upscale in taste, less college student.
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
I have shopped at C&B since when they had only one store in Chicago. Their prices did increase relatively when they went into the larger market, but not ridiculously as the prices at Gap and Banana Republic did. C&B's products are higher quality. I still use the sofa and chairs that my son grew up on in my own home while I have recently bought IKEA furniture for my son's apartment. Both are great stores for different markets and times of life.

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